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Real Estate full circle

You know it’s a good day in real estate land when you do little bit of all the aspects of your job. Today was such a day which is wonderful and surprising considering the current market and it’s ups and downs. Today I:

Got up and dressed in my pimp clothes to kick some real estate booty. (gotta look good for the money)

Did loads of marketing telling people of my greatness and why they should do business with me. (trying to generate the dough)

Went to a sweet couple’s house and listed their home at a competitive price. (greenbacks should follow soon)

Worked with another realtor from a different company to get one of my houses pending today. (the scratch is coming w/a date)

Received a call from the escrow company to inform me that one of my properties officially closed and recorded today. (dosh in hand)

Did more marketing. (reaching for more sheets)

Our days used to constantly be like this with several deals closing and going pending at a time. That’s what you want as a realtor, a continual ball rolling effect. It hasn’t been like that for awhile. Exciting stuff.

It is always funny to me how much my boss reminds me of my dad. That’s nice but I think my dad is a little crazy and the big boss man is right up there with my pa. They may not certifiably ‘crazy’ but they both seem to be at the age of not giving a poop about small things in life. Case in point.

I was sitting in the office of #2 in command of the company, the big boss’s son. We were talking and brainstorming about marketing ideas and what other people do to generate business. The head honcho swaggered in, walked in front of me and the desk to take the seat beside me. It wasn’t until he sat next to me that I saw he had effectively knocked over my full cup of water that was sitting on #2’s desk. Water spread across the desk, cascading down to the floor. Instead of reaching out to clean up the mess neither son nor father made a move. Big boss man took his seat asking, “Why was that full?”. His son just looked up at him shaking his head. Mr. CEO broke into some speal about marketing as the water continued to spread and waterfall off the desk. “Oh honestly!” I muttered, as I walked out to grab a napkin and soak up the water. Ridiculous and exactly something my father would do and say. Crazy old men are everywhere.

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