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TNT Pop Its turn me into a seven year old

Unfortunately for my sister she did not know that when she bought me a 3 pack full of tnt pop its. There is something so gratifying about those little white things when they hit the pavement and make a loud snap. They give off a small tension release like smashing plates or punching people in the nose. My sis and I took the nieces outside. I ripped open the box spewing sawdust and releasing pop its everywhere. BANG BANG BANG! Like baby birds crying to their momma for food, the nieces came running over with their hands open. “I want one I want one!”. The oldest (4 years old) had a little trouble getting them to pop until we told her to throw them down hard. The youngest (2 or 3ish, I don’t remember her age) couldn’t throw them down hard enough and she wasn’t even trying, instead she was trying to clap them in her hands. This made my sister nervous, but I told her after one of them popped in her hand she’d learn not to do that anymore. The thing about pop its is that they pop everywhere, which makes me happy and means I try to pop them off of people. I threw a couple at my sister which made her dance and squeal worse than a greased pig through a narrow fence. “You’d better not!” was her only reply. I finally got one to land on her ankle bone and pop. “Ow ow! See! It burned me!” My sister….always with the mellow drama when it comes to pain, it’s a wonder she ever pushed any kids out. I loved it, I laughed and snorted like a little kid chasing her around the yard trying to get them to pop on her. The kids had fun, but I’m pretty sure we had more fun than they did.

Thanks sis, bring on the pop its anytime!

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A quick pick me up

I have to laugh at my sister for being awesome and also a funny nerd. Today I was sitting in the office doing the tedious 9-5 work I blogged about yesterday. My cell phone rang and my sis was on the other end.


“Are you working in the office?”


“You having fun?”


“Oh, well I’ve got a little something for you, a little pick me up!”


“Is Michelle there working too?”


“You think she could use a little pick me up as well?”


“I’ll bring her some too.”


“So, I’ll be down there in ten minutes, watch for me so i don’t have to take the kids out of the car.”


It was 10am and I wasn’t feeling too tired and bored from the work yet, but thought it would be a good excuse to get up, and walk around. I saw my sister pull into the lot and made my way outside. We exchanged pleasantries and chatted for a bit. Finally with a huge grin she said, “Here you go!” and handed me two paper cups full of mint chocolate chip ice cream. Since it was morning I was expecting an Egg MegMuffin or something of that nature, but instead it was indeed a pick me up!

I smuggled the ice cream back to the office, surprised Michelle with her treat and went back to my desk. After I sat down and began working Jesse the office manager interrupted our clacking of computer keys. “Everyone if you run into a client that has no phone number go ahead…..what? Is that ice cream?”


“How did you get that?”

“Don’t ask, it’s a pick me up.”


Yummy indeed.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello to all the readers out there and Happy Thanksgiving! woot. My favorite holiday of all time, although we’re not celebrating until tomorrow one can feel the preparation and excitement in the air. I wish all of you good times with people you love. Don’t stick your baster where it doesn’t belong…..a lesson well learned last year.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Shopping for the kids

I’ve been an uncle for 4 years today. It’s a pretty good gig. You can swoop in whenever you want, you’re greeted with big smiles and hugs and when the little ones get fussy and restless you can bolt out the door faster than a fat man chasing an ice cream truck. I like it.
Since my niece is 4 today I realized I should probably get something for her birthday. I actually have a couple of days until I see her again and celebrate, but I wanted to go before black Friday and beat the crazed masses of people. Today I found myself wishing my niece was a nephew b/c it would’ve been way easier to know what to get her/him but nevertheless I realized I was having a hoot of a time picking out different presents. I think that’s because I’ve never really grown up. I still like toys. I admit it, I’m a 30 year old big kid. I can never resist poking, pulling and prodding everything that makes a movement or sound upon touch. I get endless delight out of trying to synchronize talking Elmos OR pushing their buttons a half second from each other to create an annoying echo. I think I just like being annoying. I don’t even need an audience to do this, I just do it for my own kicks. Therefore, going into the toy section for a legitimate reason gives me great contentment. I wish grownups would give each other toys, it’d be more fun to shop for each other.

I have no idea if my niece will like any of the stuff that I got her, she probably will…she’s only 4, either way it doesn’t really matter b/c I had all the fun shopping.

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2 spanish coffees and a steak and I’m out cold

Oh man. I totally had another blog planned for today but I went to the Refectory with my Dad and I don’t know what happened after that. We sat in the lounge, lounging on a couch talking about life and spiritual matters and while we theorized and speculated I ordered a spanish coffee. I slurped it down like candy and about 30 minutes after I finished the drink I started to feel my face a buzzin’. We still had time to kill since we were waiting for for the restaurant part of the establishment to open. I said, “I’m feeling pretty good.” Dad said, “Order another!” So I did. I told the lounge waitress how kick ass she made the first one and I asked her if she thought she could make the 2nd one just as delightful. She did. Although I swear she put ruffees in my drinks b/c damn, I was high on life. After the 2nd one we went into the restaurant and I ordered a huge steak with all the fixin’s. I scarfed that down sobered up and drove home.

I got home and felt so ‘tired’ I couldn’t do anything, I tore off my suit and fell into bed. Two hours later at 8:30 pm I awoke and felt like a zombie. Called my dad to see what time we left the Refectory b/c I could hardly remember anything!

So now here I am at 11:39pm when I should be going to bed, getting my second wind. I think that waitress wanted some Micah lovin’ and spiked my alcoholic drink with something, probably alcohol.

Better post tomorrow. Maybe. As long as I don’t go there for breakfast.

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Bumpy Ride

Tired, sore and hungry my family and I made our way through the airport. We found a Chili’s to eat at and with full tummys and renewed strength we made our way to gate A18. We only waited for a short time before boarding began and we all lined up like cattle to the slaughter. We found our seats and patiently sat, waiting to take off. A voice cracked over the cabin speaker system explaining safety and other instructions. I wish I could’ve recorded it b/c he was very comical and full of zest. My sister and I were lucky enough to not have anyone sit next to us so we had an extra seat in the middle of us to stretch out and relax.
We were airborne for about 30 minutes when the flight attendants began making their way through the cabin with the drink cart handing out big bags of peanuts and pop. My sister ordered a club soda and I settled on orange juice. They were generous as I received a whole can of OJ instead of just a tiny little cup. With my drink in hand I settled into my seat and opened up my book. No sooner had I read one page when the familiar “bing” of the fasten seatbelt light came on. About 5 seconds later the whole plane shook violently, I caught my drink before it fell over but my sister wasn’t so lucky as half her club soda schlopped on the floor.

“Flight attendants, take your seats” cracked the voice over the loudspeaker.

With that command the attendants ran their drink cart to the back of the plane and disappeared out of sight. Immediately after the captain’s command to the attendants the airplane shook and trembled with such force it got everyone’s attention. After a few violent shakes the airplane took a nose dive and every passenger that had just received a drink was doing his best to keep the fluid inside the cup and his stomach out of his chest. The plane went up and rattled and shook and then it went down, and up…etc. Just like a roller coaster. Each time it went down people would raise their drinks in the air not unlike being on a roller coaster, except this one was at 30,000 feet and we didn’t know when the ride was going to be over. My sister kept saying ‘woah’ not like Joey on the tv show Blossom but more of an elongated statement “WOOOOOAH~!” The lady behind me was officially freaking out as she kept saying, “oh my God, oh my God” she was not loving it. I found myself laughing. It was scary to be sure but I realized what little control we have when we’re flying. We all literally put our lives in the pilot’s hands. I figured all we could do was enjoy the ride and if we crash, we crash…it’ll be over so quick we would hardly have to worry. After a few minutes of craziness I looked over at my sister and she was looking a bit pale and I’m pretty sure I saw her praying.

The plane finally smoothed out but most people remained a bit tense for the rest of the flight. The attendants broke the silence by apologizing for the severe turbulence and for the fact that per the captain’s request they were to remain seated for the rest of the flight. We eventually touched down in PDX on time and in one piece, my sister was giving thanks to the powers above. Even though it was sorta fun and exciting I’m thankful to be alive as well.

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Just got back

Glad to say that I just got back SAFE and sound from Vegas. Emphasis on ’safe’. It was a great time full of fun and laughter, and too much walking. Next time I’m going back for more than 1 and a half days and one night. Too much to do and too much to soak in.

Night for now, stories tomorrow.


A night out at 30

For my birthday we went to Calypso, formally known as Salvador Molly’s. I had loads of fun surrounded by good company and spicy food. Jake and Kara had just gotten back from two months in Europe and it was awesome seeing them again. We ate and drank and laughed until it was time to leave and head over to Kennedy School. Our big group grew as my mother, father and sister joined us at the school. More drinks were ordered as my sister mowed down a burger and fries. I found it hard to keep up with everything and everyone. With 10 different people came about 7 different conversations that ranged from Halo 3, business management, karate, the Thunder from Down Under and many jokes at my expense.

After the eats and drinks my sister could barely function, let alone keep her eyes open so my parents and her shuffled off into the night. The rest of us decided to go to the detention room in the school in order to continue drinking and have a stogie. The detention room was closed for some reason but the bartender pointed us to the cypress room down the hall that also allowed smoking. The six of us squeezed into one of the solid wooden booths and Jake and I lit up as our other 4 friends joined us by inhaling our second hand smoke. We drank and chatted about Jake’s many ‘adventures’ in Amsterdam. After an hour the cigars were short and our bellies were full of drink and one could sense our readiness to leave. There were about 3 minutes left in my actual birthday day when a woman came up to our table and set down a full pitcher of Ruby beer.

“We can’t finish this, so here!”

Our eyes widened and all the men collectively said “THANKS!”. Immediately we began looking for ways to empty our glasses on the table. Jake slugged down the remaining residue of his pint, as I polished off my shot of Jameson and Phil poured the rest of his water into somone else’s. Then we filled our vessels with delicious Ruby. Dave and I shared many shots of beer since we didn’t have another proper pint glass. Phil really tore into the free drink with glee. The funny thing is, he was my designated driver and I’m pretty sure he drank way more at the end of the night than I did. Obviously he didn’t crash us as I’m writing this from home, but we did go over a speed bump on my street that I’ve never noticed before….

I woke up the next day feeling a bit rough, but now I’m human again.

I have a few more things to say but I just looked at the time, I totally have to go! In the meantime enjoy these photos of the night.

The drinking has begun

These are girls with nuts in their mouths…..the wrong kind of course.

This is how it starts

Now he’s pregnant!

Not sure what is going on here or what Kara is doing with her hand.

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I made it!

I did it. I turned 30 yesterday and it went off without a hitch! Lots of drinking and eating and free beer! I stayed up way too late and I’m feeling a little rough around the edges, maybe even a little ‘old’. Pictures and stories coming later.

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It’s ok, I can stomach it.

I am a huge lover of food. Most people like food a lot, so do I. I’m not really much of a food snob, I like the cheap stuff on up to the gourmet stuff. I can eat those hostess chocolate covered donuts that taste like plastic and a $40 steak in one sitting. I will not discriminate. However like most people I do not like foreign objects in my food. Unexpected things buried deep inside a mound of food are not welcome treats. Most of the time the ‘things’ are harmless. Things like hair, plastic, the mysterious crunchy and the occasional finger have been found in food. I think we can all relate to the sick feeling upon discovery, feelings of sinking stomachs and the sudden loss of appetite. I remember years ago working at my first job at a buffet restaurant. I was on break enjoying a mediocre noodle dish when in between the noodles I spotted a long black hair. I immediately felt ill, hacked and gagged and felt miserable the rest of the night. Of course I was fine, but in my mind I thought I might die because of the grossness factor.

Today I was just finishing up with work when my mother called on the cellular telephone. Since I was by her place she offered to bring home a little lunch for us to eat together. The nearest food place in her area was a Wendy’s so we agreed on salads. “And a baked potato!!” I blurted, right before she hung up the phone. I was feeling saucy, I hadn’t had a baked potato in awhile and given the fact they take so long to make, who knows when I would have the chance to have another one? As I drove to our rendez-vous point I thought of Mitch Hedburg’s quote:

“I like baked potatoes, man. I don’t have a microwave oven; it takes forever to cook a baked potato in a conventional oven. Sometimes I’ll just throw one in there, even if I don’t want one, because by the time it’s done… who knows?”

Mitch is so right and I didn’t want to miss an opportunity to have an already made baked potato. Lunch was grande, the mandarin chicken salad was delicious and I got to enjoy the entertainment of watching my mother hold my 18 month(I’m not sure how many months) old niece as she was trying to grab for every bite of food my mother tried to eat. I was nearing the end of my baked potato delight when I looked down and noticed something weird in my tater tray. I examined it, poked it, smooshed it around to make sense of it. Part of it looked like potato goo with sour cream and butter residue and the other part of it very much like a dead cockroach with with sour cream and butter residue. Hmph.

Mom: What’s wrong?

Me: I don’t know.

Mom: What is it?

Me: I don’t know, what does that look like to you?

Mom: Well? I don’t know. Potato?

Me: Doesn’t that look a lot like a sort of bug, namely a cockroach?

Mom: ……

Me: Tell me it’s nothing, just tell me it’s nothing.

Mom: It’s nothing.

Me: Ok.

I was sad becaus there was one good bite of potato topped with sour cream and chives that I really wanted to eat. Amazingly I really wasn’t grossed out. I mean, it was gross! But I didn’t have that sinking sicky feeling in the pit of my stomach like I used to get when I’d find hair in my pasta. I think all the Fear Factors and Survivor shows have taught me that you won’t die if you live bugs, let alone if a dead one touches your potato. Just to be sure, I topped off my cockroach potato with one of my sister’s delightful pecan dessert things. And for added insurance against any bug disease I ate a taco bell taco tonight which will either burn out the bug poison in my stomach or give me diarrhea which helps cleanse out any bad stuff.

Now all this food talk has made me hungry, Wendy’s chili doesn’t sound too bad right about now.

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