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Final Measurements

After the last post we took our final pictures and measured our shrunken bodies for the last time. To say the results were phenomenal would be an understatement! Both HES and I were surprised at just how much we lost, not on the scale by around our bodies.

I am down 15lbs which is nice but somehow I lost a total of 17.75 inches off of my body! This includes 4.75″ from my waist, 3.5″ from the hips and 2″ from my moobs aka chest. I wasn’t the only one that lost big. HES lost 10lbs and 11″ from her body in the six-week challenge. This includes 3″ off of her waist and 1.75″ from the hips! Neither of us can get over just how skinny we feel in the midsection.

And as if this wasn’t enough, I still feel like there is plenty more to lose! We talked about it and decided that we are going to stay fairly hardcore for another 4 weeks until HES’s 30th bday and hopefully we’ll have even better results by that time. Even after the birthday we will continue to eat better but allow a few more acceptable things into our diet.

For the past week I haven’t lost any weight but for the first time today I had to pull my belt to the 5th and innermost loop to keep my pants on.  This belt has seen me go from the outermost loop to the innermost. I love it. What a change in such a short time! Six weeks is nothing!

We’re hoping that one of us will make it into the finals to have a chance to ‘win’ the competition, but honestly I think the two of us feel like we’ve already won.

Before and After Pics Coming!

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44 days (or so) of Paleo

Well here we are on the eve of the end of the Paleo competition/experiment. This is something I apprehensively set out to do with HES and a team of people but in our eyes it has been a huge success. I have no clue if  HES or I will win the competition, but I feel as if we have already won….or lost..haha. The changes that have taken place these past 6 weeks have been phenomenal and I feel these changes have given us a new fire and energy for everything we do! Nearly everyday we come home and talk about how good we feel and how excited we are for the future.

We have definitely seen some weight loss and inches melt off of our middles, but I won’t know the real numbers until tomorrow. Perhaps the biggest change and most inspiring thing is how different we both feel,…especially my lovely lady. For the past few years she has constantly been struggling with bloating, irritation and all sorts of digestive issues. Since cutting out all of the sugar, dairy and grains she has done a complete 180. In addition we both have more energy, better sleep and happier dispositions! Sounds crazy, but it is true. I’ve always struggled with the afternoon slump but I rarely have that feeling anymore. My energy is constant throughout the day and I love it. I rarely wake up at night anymore and for the most part feel so much more rested in the mornings.

The thing that speaks volumes to us is that we’re not the only ones. There are some amazing happenings going down at the boot camp as many others are reporting the exact same thing as we are. I go online and see all of the other success stories and transformations and think “there is something to this”. The best part is that it is not that hard! I have never lost inches as easy as I have these past few weeks. All of my fellow Krav instructors are beside themselves and asking “what are you doing? You look so fit!” etc..etc. That means a lot coming from folks that are in tip top shape.

So now what? We started this competition thinking it was a ‘diet’, but we’ve ended it knowing it really has become a way of life for the both of us. I don’t think we can ever go back to the way we were.  The hardest thing is knowing how to incorporate some of the food we restricted. I know I will have to be careful allowing too much sugar back in my diet or I will want it all the time again, thankfully I have found some pretty amazing natural alternatives for that. HES will have to watch the cheeses, but after 6 weeks we’ve found we just don’t crave them as much as we used to….we still love them, but we realize we don’t need to eat 10lbs of cheese a week. :)

This has been such a life changing experience in such a short time I wish everyone could or would try it. Many people scoff and think it’s just a fad diet, but if you’re serious about your health I highly recommend a look at it. ****WARNING OPINION**** I think that the conventional wisdom, FDA, doctors and the like have really led us astray. The traditional food pyramid is a joke and eating that much grain/sugar has caused our nation of people to not only balloon in size but  accept things like Type 2 Diabeetus, high blood pressure and obesity as a normal way of life. This is wrong wrong wrong and completely depressing. Knowing what to put in our bodies should not be so difficult to figure out, yet there is so much misinformation, confusion and lies as to what is good for us we’re left with our heads spinning. Ridiculous.

Tomorrow is the end of the competition, but the beginning of a new way of thinking.


Paleo way to go?

So I don’t want to jump the gun here, but for the past week I have been doing the Paleo ‘diet’. I say diet because it hasn’t really felt too overwhelming like some diets I have tried. Instead I get to eat delicious, yummy meat which I love, but cut out dairy, sugar, carbs. So far the hardest part has been the sugar! I’m surprised at myself. I never knew I had such a strong desire for sugar after every meal, but I do. I need to buy some berries today to have on hand.

Here’s the thing. I weighed myself last weekend and I rung in at a solid  178lbs. Not bad considering I’m still down 25lbs from the weight I lost 6 years ago. I’ve done a great job maintaining but even at 178, I’m not where I want to be. Yesterday I stepped on the scale and couldn’t believe my eyes. The number read 171lbs!  7lbs in 6 days? How? How without feeling hungry or miserable? Sure I workout hard, but I always workout hard. This is kind of amazing and was just the thing I needed to power through all the temptations set before me last night.

This will be an interesting experiment and I’m excited to see where it goes. I’m going to do my best not to weight myself for another week as I know weight can really ebb and flow in the day-to-day. Also, I’m less concerned about weight as I am about inches. I want to lose at least 2″ off of my BELLY and an 1″ around the moob area. Can I do it in 5 more weeks? We will find out at the end…

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I keep thinking this should be on the onion

For the past few days I keep checking this link and expecting big red letters to appear “hahha gotcha!”

But sadly that hasn’t happened yet. I read this and think, they really can’t be serious…right? What’s next? Cracking down on mud? Then cracking down on the rain? And then cracking down on the sun??!

 Read about it here.

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Yay for idiots!

There is something so very satisfying about an idiot, doing something stupid and paying for his idiocy.

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The Glorious Zach Anner

It seems some people haven’t heard of Zach Anner, well learn who he is!

Here is his original submission video that set the internets ablaze:

After the audition he disappeared for awhile and people were sad that he had already had his 15 minutes of fame, but I think he still has more in him.

I love this guy’s spirit and humor, so funny and easy going despite his sexy palsy.

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Hello my name is Karma….pleased to meet you.

This kinda crazy. Not sure if it’s a case of ‘what goes around comes around’ or someone seeking revenge. Either way sad on both accounts.

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The misunderstood semicolon

Where were these types of English lessons when I was in school?! I think I would’ve been a better student if I had a teacher like this.

How to use; a semicolon. 

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Top 10 misspelled words.

Oh man. This could not come at a better time. I was just hopelessly harassing HES this morning about her accidental misuse of the word lose/loose. I’m not usually a grammar Nazi like my friend Phil, but lose/loose always gets me. I can forgive there, their, they’re and it’s, its, heck I can even look past then, than but when you workout you lose the weight and then your pants become loose. There is nothing loose about a fat person. That’s how I remember it. Their pants are tight, arteries are tight…if they’re big enough maybe you could say that their backside-arm-jobbys are loose but if they’re packing around loose arm jobbys they need to lose weight.

Sorry, that was quite a rant. Now on to the link!

Don’t be an A-hole, definitely go to the oatmeal and laugh.

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Threat Dynamics

“Get down on the ground!” I yelled as I leveled my weapon upon the intruders. The two men ran away, one ducking behind a car and the other behind a large crate. “I can see you, come out from behind that car, I’ve called the cops!” Slowly the shadowy figure stepped out and I my eyes darted back and forth scanning the area for his partner. My brother in law (JimBob) standing next to me began yelling commands at the stranger. I don’t remember what was said all I remember was seeing the man pull out a gun and point it straight at us. Gunshots filled the air as JimBob and I each fired 3 or 4 shots into the intruder. He slumped to the floor before the ringing echoes of our gunshots left the air. With my adrenaline pumping and my eyes wide open I turned my attention to the other intruder hunched down behind a crate. I could see the tip of his head moving around, so I yelled at him to come out. I figured he would quickly comply since we had just filled his accomplice full of hot lead, but the intruder stayed hidden. He kept peaking his head around the corner and I said “yes I can see you! Now come out!”.  I’m not sure if I blinked or was momentarily distracted but without warning there was a sudden bang and a flash that came from a gun, not our guns but his gun. My knees buckled as the pain promptly pierced my side and I rapidly returned fire. “I’ve been shot, I’ve been shot!”.

All of this happened in Hillsboro on Saturday. I’m alive to tell about my experience because fortunately it was only a simulation. A simulation that was about as real as it gets. For my birthday JimBob and I went out to Threat Dynamics located in Hillsboro, Oregon. TD is a state of the art facility that is used to train police officers in a wide variety of scenarios they may experience on and off duty. Recently the training facility was opened to the public as well.

Threat Dynamics has a variety of range types and also hundreds of scenarios that you can choose from. They use real Glock 17 handguns that have been modified with a laser inside of them and a Co2 cartridge that simulates the kick of a real gun. The ranges start out from very basic stationary targets, move up to moving targets and eventually end in full on realistic simulations where you interact with people on screen. There is a controller that not only changes the range types but also controls the scenarios. I don’t know if this is true or not but I was under the impression that not all scenarios end the same. Depending on our commands we may be able to remove the threat verbally rather than killingly.

To add to the realism they strongly suggest that we wear special belts that shock us with 5,000 volts of electricity when and if we get shot. When we were presented with the belts JimBob got all smiley and unsure if he wanted to do it. I turned to him and shook my head “this was supposed to be a nice bday present and now you have me getting hooked up to electrical torture belts?!” Needless to say neither one of us was going to look like a yellow belly so we donned the belts.  The first time I got shot I was actually mad because it hurt and I didn’t want to get shot! JimBob thought he has positioned the belt so when he got shot it would shock him on the sides near the kidneys. He actually had it positioned the correct way so that there is a shocker in the front and the back. During one of the exercises I heard a yelp and a “HUUUEEERRRGGGHHH!!”. Thinking that maybe a dog’s foot had been stepped on I turned to my right and didn’t see any canines, only JimBob reacting to the pain. He said it’s not that it hurt so bad but it surprised him when he felt it in the front…down low. Either way I got a kick out of it and I’m pretty sure the controller did too.

On the screen there were objects (cars, boxes..etc) in the foreground that we were told we could hide behind. We were also told to move and crouch because the system will be able to detect this and this could prevent us from getting shot. Those were nice ideas and good advice but basically JimBob and I stood our ground like Rambo against Columbian drug lords.  We would learn to follow his advice when he brought us to the next room.

The ultimate tool in training at Threat Dynamics is their 300 degree screen you stand in the middle of. It brings the training to a whole ‘nuva level when you have multiple threats or multiple avenues for a threat to appear on. We did good for the most part but there was one time in particular that we were so focused on what was happening in front of us that we failed to see the guy come up behind us and shoot me in the back. It was like a back massage with spiky electricity…I didn’t like it.

Overall the experience was an awesome one and I will be going back. In fact JimBob and I have plans to go back in a couple of weeks, although we may be checking out more of the ranges rather than the scenarios. We both found the ranges to be a lot of fun and even more challenging, a great supplement to punching holes in targets at the real range. I highly suggest for anyone that is interested to give it a try it really was a blast. Heck call me up, I’d like to go again! But you have to wear the belt this time.



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