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ET’s first birthday crunch crunch

Today is the one year anniversary of Everlasting Truth. Woot woot! For awhile there the heat was getting so high I thought ET’s birthday would never come. But I think I’ll keep this place around for another year. Tonight I’m celebrating ET’s birthday by getting in a car accident!! woooohoooooooooooooooooo! Isn’t that great?! I mean there’s no better way to celebrate! I was on the way to work following a red and white Isuzu bronco looking thing. We were going up a steep hill when he swerved towards the curb on the right hand side as if to pull over. I proceeded to accelerate around the Isuzu when suddenly he was back in front of me! I slammed on the breaks locking up the tires but it was too late, I slammed into the side of the fake bronco! :( The guys eyes were big and wide. Apparently he was trying to make a U-turn, right in front of me!??!! Anyways, when I slammed on the brakes and then slammed into him, I actually rolled my ankle, so I’m keeping an eye on it b/c if feels a little “smushy”. Its dark now, so I will take a few pics tomorrow. I’m pretty calm about it right now b/c I believe that I’m not at fault, he even admitted to making an illegal U-turn. I called the insurance folks, but no one answers on Sunday nights. The damage on my car doesn’t look all that bad, but the hood doesn’t align quite right, and I can’t open my passenger side door….so that’s a major thing.

Yea………..happy b-day

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