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I took Karate for 9 years ‘back in the day’. A few years after I got into it, my sister joined the fun. We had a deal, that if she had to take Karate, then I would have to take dance lessons with her, so we took swing lessons for a few years. I got pretty high in the ranks and so did my sister. When I was a sophmore and my sis was a senior our sensei decided that he wanted us to participate in a Martial Arts demonstration at our school for the Jr. high. We would show the three aspects of our training, Kata, Sparring, and Self-defense. Kata is where you do moves in the air. Sparring is fighting with pads on, and self-defense
is where someone throws a punch (w/o pads) at you and you have to take them down until they tap out. In practice I enjoyed self-defense training the most. You would start by practicing a certain set of moves against a certain attack, but as we progressed it became more aggresive and harder to get out of a situation if the instructor tried to grab you. But for the demonstration purposes I would attack my sister with a punch and then she would do 5 or 6 pre-choreographed moves to take me down. The moves would be executed at full speed but you only tap the person with your punch or your kick. The day of the demonstration was going great, and then it was my turn to attack my sister. I’m not sure if she ate an extra bowl of wheaties or it was the nerves and adreniline pumping, but things didn’t go quite as expected. I threw a punch at my sis, she in turn grabbed my arm and elbowed me in the jaw a good jolt harder than we had practiced. I don’t remember her second move, but the third move she did was grab my shoulders and pulled me into a knee to the crotch. Now, when you do this move, it is the attackee’s responsibility to ‘pull’ the knee…i.e. not make contact. She didn’t. I was wearing a cup, but her knee didn’t come straight towards my crotch, she being 5′2″ her knee came straight up under the boys, hitting me in the “gooch” or as my friend calls it “the taint”. For those of you who don’t know. The taint is the area “down there” behind the wedding tackle, but before the poop shute. Getting hit in that area hurts like crazy although it is a different pain than getting the boys squished. I’ve long wanted to invent a cup that would protect the underside of the frank and beans, but it hasn’t happened yet. After her bony knee hit me I literally keeled over on the floor and all the guys in the crowd gave a resounding “oohhh!!” After the demo I asked her what happened, and she didn’t know, she just called it ‘nerves’. Anyways, everyone should do karate…


just a quickie

My new job is going well. It’s kind of a shock to work everyday, but the atmosphere where I work is relaxed. The job is somewhat repetitive, but I don’t think you could get more repetitive than doing inventory. So for now things are looking up a bit. I’ve also been getting farther on the web project I’m doing, but dang, it really stinks to go through someone else’s code….pleh :(. It’s often like trying to read a doctor’s handwriting….I’ve also been playing the piano a ton more, and I LOVE it. In the last few weeks I can already feel myself progressing, it’s awesome….That’s it for now….


So many jobs….

I’ve been here, just busy. I have three jobs now, kinda. I’m still doing inventory, I got a second part time job at a fabric company doing web work, and photoshop work on pictures, and for now I have a web project I’m doing for a friend’s I’ve been keeping busy. Although, it is never regular.
Tony called me the other day and brought up a good point.

Tony: what’s up?
Me: Not much?
Tony: well where are you at, what are you doing?
Me: I’m at home, chillin’
Tony: At home?! Why aren’t you working?
Me: I dunno.
Tony: How many jobs do you have now? Three?

Me: Yup.
Tony: And you’re still not working everyday?!
Me: Nope.
Tony: How is that possible? How many jobs is it going to take for you to work everyday consistently?
Me: 7….8? I’m not sure. That way I’d only have to work an hour at each one a day. :)


Indestructable my ass…..

The battle has ended and I have come out victorious. It has been on going for nearly two years, but today I put an end to it all. I used to have a friend that had a job as a janitor for her work-study program at George Fox. During her daily cleaning duties she would often come across interesting items or things that caught her eye. Much of it would make it to lost and found, but other things would stay in her possession. One such item(s) were Nalgene bottles, y’know the big ‘indestructable’ cylinder-tube bottles that are trendy among college kids and hikers alike..She found so many every day that she figured no
one would miss the 6 or 8 she brought home over the course of the year. Since she *stole* the bottles, I figured she wouldn’t mind me taking one for my own use. I used my blue Nalgene bottle all the time, at work, at home, at play. And it served me well, but a few months into the ownership of my bottle I noticed a slight problem. It leaked. Only sometimes though. It would leak from the rim like it wasn’t getting a good seal shut. Sometimes it would go weeks without leaking, and other times, it would dribble water (only when I wasn’t looking) constantly. I could never make it leak, but yet when the bottle had been laying on it’s side for a day I’d come back and the floor would be all wet. Jerk! I solved this problem by keeping it upright as much as possible. Two weeks ago, I put my cell phone in my backpack on the way home from work, and that danged Nalgene bottle leaked very slightly onto my cell phone. Unfortunately it really screwed up my cell phone, so that only some of the buttons want to work some of the time. That was just about the last straw, it should’ve been, but today after my nap was the end. I got up to find that the bottle had (once again) magically shifted in my backpack and it had proceeded to leak all through the front of my bag!!

Grrr. “That’s it!!!” I yelled. “Why do you always have to freaking leak, you stupid piece of bleepity bleep!!”

I took the blue Nalgene bottle by it’s trendy loop that connects to the lid, and stormed outside to the back patio. With a windmill motion like Pete Townshend of The Who, I hurled ‘ol leaky towards the pavement just about as hard as I could. Of course the retarded bottle just bounced and landed in the grass.

“Not today, you crappy piece of junk!”

I picked the bottle up and with the strength of 1,000 donkeys and the rage of Zell Miller coursing through my veins I launched the bottle with my windmill throw straight into the ground. CRACK! SPLOOSH! I threw it hard enough to make a crater, instead the bottle split open and water went everywhere.

“AHA! Take THAT!” I screamed.

I victoriously brought it back to show Karin and she said,

“I can’t believe you’re letting that bottle get the best of you”
“It’s not getting the best of me, I got the best of IT! I broke it!”
I was so happy I took pics (below) to show everyone. I wonder if windmill throwing the bottle straight into the pavement is covered by the lifetime warranty?? Maybe I’ll find out.
So let it be known, if ya ever need to teach a Nalgene a lesson, bring it over here, me, Zell, and the donkeys got yer back.


Victorious Victor

The other night Karin and I went to the Rheinlander. She works at Gustav’s but has never been to the Rheinlander so I thought we should go check it out. Her eyes lit up when she saw the accordian player, a sweet, frail old man. I knew she always had a thing for older guys, but I thought this might be pushing the envelope. It turns out the old man (Victor) played the accordian where Karin works a few weeks earlier for Oktoberfest. She waved and he came over and remebered her name, and talked, and smiled…..I think there was a slight twinkle in his eye :| But seriously Victor was so nice, and meek. He walked around playing oompa oompa oompa, and once in awhile his feeble, warbly voice would break out in a yodel or song. He always had a smile/grin on his face, and he could play that accordian so freaking good! When we left Karin came over and gave him a hug, and I noticed that his hand slid down pretty low near her tush, and I thought I saw her stick a note in his pocket, but I can’t verify that, so I will keep you posted on developments in the future. :):)



The other day it happened, and I really thought it never would. I was at work counting like a fool, when our head manager came up to me and wanted to talk to me. I didn’t think it was a big deal, I thought maybe she was going to ask me to work that night, or maybe she wanted to point out a mistake that I had made in one of my earlier areas. But she kept walking farther and farther from the group, so it seemed this was a ‘private’ matter. She starts talking to me and showed me something on a piece of paper from one of my earlier areas, so I was thinkin’ “no big deal” she’s just going to point out a mistake I made, and we’d move on. Well she continues to talk about how the managers of the store didn’t like the mistake I made in my first area, and so they checked out my second area, and found out that I missed a side area (a few pieces), and so they looked at my 3rd area and found out I was a few off. At this point I didn’t know where this was going, why my manager was telling me about all this. She kept telling me she wasn’t mad at me, and from an inventory stand point my count wasn’t very inaccurate at all, I had the correct dollar amount, I just didn’t have it completely perfect from the store’s perspective. So then she says:
“The store would like you to take the afternoon off” Perplexed I muttered a “huh?…..really?” And she said yes, and that there were going to have to check out the rest of the areas I had counted that day. I couldn’t believe that I got kicked out of my first store. It usually only happens to the newbies and sucks, the people that REALLY mess up. I wasn’t too sad because I had already worked nearly a full day, and I could see that there was only about 45 minutesworth left to count. So I packed up and left.

The next day I was at a different store and a lady that always does the ‘research’ into where a counter (like me) goes wrong, and what they missed was there. She came over to me and apologized (!!??) and said that after I was kicked out, they proceeded to check out the next 20 areas that I had counted that day, and they were all PERFECT! We’re talking about areas that have anywhere from 800 to over 1000 pieces! So she admitted that the managers were pretty much, idiots and they just had their panties in a wad over nothing. Woohoo! :)
When I was getting booted out I was surprised as to how calm I was, I wasn’t upset, mad or anything, I think it’s because I just don’t care anymore. That may not be the best attitude, but it’s working for now.


This long?

Wow, has it really been a month since I’ve updated this blog?! Whew! Oh well. I don’t know what my problem is, it seems everyone just goes straight to the forum, but I was informed this week, that was not the case. Things are the same, I’ve been really amping up my job finding stuff, I got in with a temp agency and have been applying for more and more jobs. My October schedule is REALLY crappy (only 6 jobs for a whole month) and Nov. and Dec. are always predictably slower than October, so if this month is that bad, there really won’t be any jobs in the two months following….needless to say it’s time for a new job, or at least another part time job so I can pay the bills. I’ve been playing much more classical guitar, and I got my recorder back, so hopefully I will have something new to post to the site.