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Tony is great.

Kar and I went over to visit my friend Tony and to see his wife and their house. We had a good time, but as always Tony was buggin’ me to show him this, show him that…about photoshop, HTML….everything. So while I was there, I made a pic for my good friend Tony. Now here he is in all his glory….TONY the GREAT!

And also Karin wanted to be in the picture, so here is her version of an angry pirate:


sleeping noise

Yesterday was my niece Rebekah’s b-day. Karin and I went over to see her. But she was sleeping. Megan (Rebekah’s mother) was so incredibly anal about us being quiet, and I understand why….but here’s the thing. Megan’s husband was on the roof above Rebekah’s room POUNDING BANG BANG BANG while she was alseep! I’m sorry but I fail to see the point of us tiptoeing around in the room if she doesn’t wake up to a hammer and nail! Reeedickulus. Anyways, here’s what she would’ve looked like if we would’ve been allowed to see her.


Still halo2

Oh man. It’s been a great past few days! I’ve been so busy, and I haven’t been slacking off all that much either. As you know, Halo2 came out, and really truly it is everything Halo was and so much more. First of all in the single player, they’ve really beefed up the story line, and you end up playing as one of the covenant (bad guys). There’s a new array of vehicles and weapons that bring a fullness to the game. It’s just good good, but the best part is without a doubt the multiplayer. This was what I was most excited about. The first Halo had a great multiplayer, but you couldn’t play online, and my friends never came
over enough to satisfy my Halo needs. Halo2 is exclusively on Xbox live, and wow! It’s awesome. It runs so super smooth online, and one of the coolest things is that you can get “ranked”, not stinky, but with levels. You can go in and just play with a bunch of people, or you can choose a “matchmaking” game, where in a sense you’ll be graded, and the better you do the higher ‘level’ you will achieve. The reason this is cool, is b/c if you suck at Halo 2 you can join a ranked game and be matched with people about the same level as you, so you won’t be slaughtered, or vice-versa. You can do this in team mode as well, the other day Jake and I were playing, and we met up w/two other decent players, so they joined our ‘party’ and we basically jumped from room to room fighting other teams of 4 or 5. It gives a more camraderie feel to the game. Very cool very smooth. The other crazy thing is everytime I get onto Xbox live, Halo2 is the only game that EVERYONE is playing. That’s huge, especially from a business standpoint…..

I was excited last night b/c I had done all the web work that I needed to do, and Karin was going to work, and so I was stoked to go home for a few hours and melt my brain. Phil calls me up and wanted to know what I was doing, before I could answer he interruptes himself and says, “You know what you’re doing? Here’s what you’re doing. I’m going to come over there, I’m going to pick you up, and we’re going to drive to Buzz’s house, and we’re going to playin a Halo2 lan party.”

I thought about it for a micro-second and said, “Yup, that sounds about right.”
So we did. And that was truly awesome as well. I’ve been over to Buzz’s before for a Halo party, and it was one of the best b/c we had 4 tv’s and 4 xbox’s for a total of 15-16 people playing at once…now that is cool. Last night we had 9 people for most of the night, but by the end we had 12. It was so much fun. Everyone is razzin’ eachother egging eachother on. I must say that ‘moo’ did most excellent and his team ‘green team’ was very powerful.

So I almost got my Halo2 fill for the weekend, but probably not. It’s just that solid. It’s bitter-sweet for Karin. I think she’s happy that something she got me makes me so happy, but now she hates me for spending more time doing it…:) :) “I’m glad you like it, now stop playing….” Something along those lines.

Ohhhh!! I almost forgot!!! The best part about playing online is not only the ranking up, but (the people who created Halo2) keep track of EVERYTHING that you have played, check this out.. So right now as I’m writing this if you go this LINK it says there are over 360,000 players and 50,000 of them are online RIGHT NOW! But that’s not all. If you go Here you’ll see all the activity that I’ve been doing. In the upper lefthand corner you’ll see the logo I created, if you click games you can see a list of all the games I’ve played in, my ranking, time…etc. On the left hand side if you click “teamball”, or “Assault”, or “Team Slayer” you’ll be able to see all my individual stats for that specific game….it’s just crazy. This stats stuff is fairly instant, right after I get off the xbox I can go over to my computer and there will be all the info about the game I just finished playing…..that’s just nuts. “No your honor, I didn’t kill the man, but I did kill deathmaster77 12 times in Halo2!”
Don’t you think it could stand up in court?



On my birthday my sis picked me and Kar up and took us to Salvador Molly’s….It was awesome, they have a pirate/jamaican theme, and the food is super good full of spice! I thought it was a sacrifice that they would go since both of them think ketchup is spicy. But they were troopers. Megan ordered something that was bland so she could handle it. Karin ordered Jamabalya which is spicy!! Silly girl. I actually ordered something that wasn’t very spicy, but I asked the guy if he could give me something to put on it. It brought out this little cup of sauce, with the warning “this is made with “_______” peppers, some of the hottest in the world, so only dip, dip dip only. OH MAN was that sauce good!! It was so warm, but YUM. I forced Meg’n and Kar’n to have
some of it, telling them that it “wasn’t that bad” (they always believe me even when I’m fibbin’, I love it). I bet Meg that it wouldn’t burn that bad or I’d give her a buck, well I’m one dollar poorer :) After the sauce debauchle both of them were hangin their tongues out like a dog in front of a hydrant on a summer day. It was awesome, the coolest thing was dessert. They had only 2 desserts, bread pudding, or s’mores. We went w/s’mores since BP tastes like poop, and they brought out a mini barrel fire pit complete with all the fixin’s to construct your own personal s’more. I loved it! Karin and I burnt our marshmellows (which is the only way to go) and I barely warmed up my sister’s marshmellow which if you were to hold it in your hand puffing your own breath on it, you’d get about the temperature that she likes her’s to be. It was great though. Good choice Meg, if y’all ever have a chance to go there…do.

Thanks for all of the birthday greetings from everyone…..



On Sunday Me, Phil, and Karthagin went to see Coheed and Cambria at the Roseland Theater. Kar got us into them a few months ago, so I was excited to see them. C&C is a group of 30 something guys, but they attract many of the teen crowd. I knew this going into the concert, but it was still a little weird to stand among a bunch of 15-18 yr. old. The show was actually just ok (in my opinion). There were some idiot afro kids diagonally in front of us, that weren’t satisfied with enjoying the concert, they kept coming and going during the music, and it seemed that where we were standing was grand central. They kept walking in front of us and pushing their way through. You always get pushed around a bit when you stand near the front at concerts, but most of these kids were rude and wouldn’t even try to go by nicely. One time Karin got bashed into by some hoochie mama’s so I made sure to elbow each and everyone one of them as they went by. Another time the afro bros. were prancing around in front of Karin, bumping into everyone trying to mosh…..she was annoyed so she shoved them into the people, it was hillarious, I took her cue and did it the next time, and I must say….it was fun :)

The concert would’ve been good with all this, but the lead singer couldn’t seem to ever catch his breath, and he was missing lyrics b/c of it!! It’s not like his lines were all that hard either! Instead of singing something like:

“Micah is the greatest, oh how I love Micah, he is the raddest guy in the whole universe”
Instead it’d be all “choppy”…like this:
“Micah greatest, how I love –cah, he is –dest in whole univer….”

It was annoying, but I would recommend buying their latest CD, it’s real good. I would also recommend going to the 24hour hotcake house on Powell after each and every concert you attend. It is excellent. Phil and I were looking forward to having some freedom crepes, but they were all out, so we had strawberry waffles, flapjacks and eggs….it was yummy.


The Nowack Fix

As you may know my cell phone hasn’t worked correctly since that damned (now dead) Nalgene bottle pee’d on my buttons. Well the other day I was walking in my room while trying to check my voice mail, and the phone freaked out once I got into my room. I know that the cause of the phone “freak out” was due to bad reception, but it didn’t matter I had enough of the crappy phone. With the same motion that destroyed Mr. Nalgene Pee Bottle, I threw my phone onto the carpet of my bedroom floor. It flew into about 4 pieces that took me a few minutes to locate them all. Once located I proceeded to piece the phone back together…..and you’re not going to believe this, but the phone works perfectly now!!! The green phone button never once worked after the water incident, but now it works just fine!! I should’ve realized that this was the “fix” earlier.

I learned the hitting/throwing technique from my father, who I’m sure learned it from his father. As a kid I can remember standing in the bed of the pickup truck as my dad was trying to round up some cattle. We often used cars and bb guns to get them to go where we wanted to. Don’t worry have you ever been shot with a bb gun while wearing a leather coat? It’s the same thing for a cow, it just stings enough to get them to move. Although the time I was standing in the pickup one stubborn cow wouldn’t move with the rest of them no matter how many times my dad shot it in the ass To make matters worse the bb gun was jamming and not firing half the time. In frustration my dad took the bb gun and threw it at the cow, it didn’t fix the gun, but it fixed the cow. The Nowack Fix works on all things, but not limited to: Monitors, TV’s, Cell Phones, Amplifiers, Toys, Hashbrowns and People. Seriously, it’s all in the technique, zeal, and wantoness to fix the desired object. The impact transfers your energy. My fists are tools.