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Everyone’s been complaining at my lack of updating ye ‘ol blog so I thougth I finally would. Quite honestly I’ve been so freakin’ busy lately that when I have a spare moment I don’t feel like writing. Sorry, I guess I’m a crappy blogger :) Anways things are going well. I’m finishing up some work that I have done for a Satellite Phone company and I’ve started a new contract with a doctor to build a web page for him. I am now ‘officialy’ hired at the place I’ve been working the last 4 months. The pay is crappy, but the bennies are wonderful (which is good in case of anymore late night kidney stone attacks). During our last evaluation my co-worker and I were really hoping for some good raises so he discretely asked our boss “….sooooo are we going to be able to super-size our meals from now on? Or not?” I thought it was clever. Unfortunately we are keeping our meals unsuper-sized. But it’s a good job for now. What else what else??? Life has been mellow outside of all the work. This week I got Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 2 and TWO DDR pads for the xbox. I must say it was a quality buy. I didn’t know how much I’d like or dislike DDR since I always thought people playing it looked like idiots, but I gotta say, it’s really alot of fun! And man do you get a workout if you keep it on fast songs! I’m still on “light” mode but I’ll creep up to standard eventually. When I’m playing it I always seem to end up in my boxers since I get so dang hot and sweaty. This is ok as long as I don’t do any jumping jacks (winkwink).

I don’t know what else to say. Kar and I just joined a gym and that is going swelltacular. I got a new keyboard that I am using right NOW as I type this, although it’s a bit annoying since the shift keys need more pressure to engage them than I am used to. The new keyboard is the by product of the reason I am thinking on placing a ban on liquids in my room, seeing as how Karin thought it would be funny to pour water on my old/awesome keyboard. :) J/k but seriously keep your fluids to yourself.


The next American Idol

The first American Idol was the only one that I ever got into. It was good but my fav singer “Ryan Starr” didn’t make it so once her different style and flat mid-riff left the show……there was no reason to continue. Now the show is in it’s 4th season and I really don’t pay attention. When I get the chance I like to tune into the beginning shows b/c it shows all the ’sucks’ that can’t sing along with a few others that can. WELL! Last night I got a treat. There were a few guys and gals that were really good, but that was until the next gal came on the stage. (see pic below) You see what she looks like…….BUT she sang some song from the Phantom of the Opera, and man, oh man she NAILED IT! Like super NAILED IT! It actually gave me shivers, it just blew me away. Fortunately she made it through, and I gotta say she would be just about the only reason for me to watch this silly program, I really wanna hear her again.

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More things should work like this

Many many months ago I got off of work at midnight (when I was still doing inventory) and I walked up to my bike and it wouldn’t start. That night I had a friend help me pop the clutch and it started right up. And so it goes………Ever since then I’ve pushed, pulled and cussed my way to start my bike, and believe me it can be a real pain in the ass in the cold mornings. Last week I was in Albertson’s parking lot and my bag was full of groceries and I was tired and reeeeeeeeeeally didn’t feel like pushing the damn bike again. On a whim I decided to roll it backwards and push the start button, to my elation the bike started right up!! Woo hoo!! For the next week I followed the same formula for starting the bike. I’d roll it back a foot or two and during the movement the bike would start. Until this weekend. On another whim (two whims in one week makes one wacky) I decided to leave the bike in the stationary position when I pushed the start button. VROOOOOOOOM! It started! I couldn’t believe it. So now I’m back to a normal motorcycle. I can’t believe it. I still kinda expect it to crap out but for now….I’ll take it.

I’m hoping that this self fixingness will transfer itself to my car. A few weeks ago my car started a fun overheating thing, I haven’t been able to fix it yet, so I was hoping that the good vibe will transfer to my car. Maybe if I rub them together…..