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Hollow Weenie

……..why witches don’t have kids.


Coolest Things

You know what’s cool? Of course you do, but I don’t think we should talk about that right now. So instead listen to me. If you like books, listen up! Every year the Friends of the Library has a huge book sale. I never knew about it until yesterday so today I decided to check it out. It’s awesome! Tons and tons of books are for sale and they are dirt cheap. Most books are $1.50 each and the most expensive one(s) will only cost you $6!! They have nearly every genre you can imagine, I highly recommend going there to check it out. It will still be going tomorrow and also through Monday, but don’t wait until Monday unless you want to save 75% off of all your purchases!! That’s right, 75% off of the already low-low price of $1.50! Insane eh? I picked up 6 books, a CD (with 35 songs on it), and two things of sheet music that had multiple pieces in each….all that for only $14.00!! The CD was the most expensive at $3 :) Seriously, go check it out at 1634 NE Sandy, or follow the link earlier in this entry. Even if you don’t like spending money on books, it’d be a great way to stock your personal library.

–Announcement– Exactly 1 month until the XBOX 360 comes out.. WOOT!


Stole My Idea

So, you know when you have a good idea and you think to yourself “hey, *they* should to this” Well *they* stole my idea. This video on compfused was tooootally my idea, and big K-dawg can back me up. Months ago I said “they should make a 2nd commercial that has a guy on the other end, just saying ‘yes,yes,yes’ a million times over getting annoyed” but alas I will not be able to cash in on my idea for it has been done. Luckily I don’t think this is a real commercial since they couldn’t air that sort of thing on TV, but if they toned it down, it could be funny. Damn *they*!!!!


Not Quite.

I think this is all backwards. Check it. At the office in our down times, or when we just don’t feel like working (which is me everyday) we have a book of 264 questions. Basically it’s a book of hypothetical situations to see how we would respond to certain things….like “would you kill someone if you knew that it was going to save 10,000 lives in the future” or “would you be willing to receive a large sum of money to tell a competitor, your company’s upcoming product”–Kelly and I both blurted out a resounding “heck yes~!” which was then met with a “you’re fired” from our boss, which we all had a good chuckle about as long as she wasn’t serious. I don’t think she was serious. Anyways the last question was this, “would you rather have an exciting and inspiring work life with a dull uninspiring home life, or an exciting and inspiring home life with a dull and uninspiring work life?” Got it?

So here’s my take on it…I would MUCH rather have a fun/exciting home life than work life. Isn’t that how it is for most people, that’s why most people would rather be a home than work. Some crazys in the office said they’d rather have an exciting work life in exchange for home life!! What??! One person’s reasoning is that even when you’re bored at home it’s still good b/c you’re not at work, you never sit at home wishing you were at work no matter how great the job is, but you’re always at work wishing you were at home, and if you had a great job it would make it alot easier to go there etc…blah blah blah. I think that’s ass backwards. How pathetic is this person’s personal life? I think it’s foolish to be so wrapped up in your work stuff. Don’t get me wrong I’d love to have a killer job that I loved going to, but I think even then at some point it’d become tiresome b/c it is afterall….work, you can’t go off and do what ever you feel like doing, and even if it’s awesome it’s still restrictive in some ways. What are all y’all’s take on this? I think if you had a killer home life it’d make your whole life so much more enjoyable, most works a pretty shitty and we just take it b/c that’s just what you do. I dunno, talk to me.

This is all fine and dandy unless you mix work w/pleasure then that opens a whole other can of worms. Speaking of worms, what about “Adult Film Stars”? So they get paid to have sex (work), do you think that when they’re at home and their partner wants to do the deed that they sometimes feel like it’s work? Does the woman ever think “well i’ve been working on my back all day, what’s 3 more minutes?” hehe. OR, “Not now honey I just clocked out! I really don’t feel like puting in the overtime”. Makes you wonder.


Did you see this?

Read This Article. And then come back here and post. I think things are so ridiculous that people could get that upset. Quite frankly it is her right to wear that. The crazy thing is she was sitting in her seat!! So a few passengers complained, if the flight would’ve gone, how many people would’ve really seen that shirt. Unbelievable. I’m not one that supports America’s sue crazy attitude, but if it were me I’d be all over Southwest. I’ve seen way more offensive t-shirts walking downtown. Crazy.

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So after the car debachle on Friday afternoon (see previous post) it was nice to be around friends for Karin’s bday. We had a nice turnout with Me, Dave, Phil, Nicole, Amy, and of course in true rockstar fashion Jake showing up with his kids about 45 minutes late :P. We all went to Sweet Tomatoes which was excellent. Then we went to The Corpse Bride afterwards. It was good, it really was, but I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would. I think I was just really tired and so was Karin. Her head was flopping back and forth between my shoulder and Amy’s shoulder. The movie was really short and there were some great characters and sets, but it was just -good- in my book.

Yesterday Jake invited us to go see Serenity. I knew nothing about this movie but apparently it had something to do with a TV show that aired on Fox a few years ago called Firefly. Dave assured me that I wouldn’t need to know anything about the TV show in order to enjoy the movie. I gotta say, he was right (first time ever!). Serenity is AWESOME. I really liked it. I thought it was very well written, smart, funny/witty and not knowing anything about the characters or anything about the TV show it did a good job of hooking me in. It was a supreme mix of action and story. I enjoyed all the characters and didn’t feel that any one of them was too overbearing, or annoying. I’m sure that Jake at lessthanme will give a better review, if he reviews it so hit the link earlier in this post to see.
The best part of the movie was perhaps during the previews when Tony, who is notorious for liking all sorts of rubbish, turned to me and sincerely asked “Is this going to be good or did I just waste $8?” I think Tony decided that it was not a waste afterall.
Go see it.


Kar Car

These last 2 days have been eventful, so here is an update.
So Friday I get a desperate call from Karin telling me “what happened”. It took me a minute to figure
out what was going on but as she started to speak I knew something wasn’t good. What happened was, she was driving down Powell
near 82nd in the right hand lane. There was a little white Acura next to her in the left lane, when for no apparent reason he
decided to turn right into her! Nice huh? It bashed Karin’s car so she pulled into the next driveway while her car was making an awful sound. The guy that hit her pulled into the driveway as well, but like a true A-hole kept on driving through the parking lot! Yes that’s right a hit and run. Fortunately there were two witnesses that saw the whole thing but were unable to get his liscense plate. The crazy part is that *his* bumper was almost torn completely off so as he was running away it was dragging on the ground. JERK! The police came and took everyone’s info but admitted there wasn’t much they could do. I was at work while all this was taking place, but even before Karin called that day I was soooo in a “not wanna work” mood. Thankfully to Karin I got to leave early. It seems that after all the hubbub with the cops and the two witnesses helping her out, she managed to lock her keys in her car! YES! So I had the privilege of leaving work early and driving over to 82nd and Powell to help her out. Now for those of you who weren’t in PDX this last Friday let me explain the weather situation to you. It was raining. Hard. Non-stop. I ride a motorcycle. In the rain. Non-stop. It sucked non-stop. That was by far the wettest I think I have ever been while riding the old iron horse. It was absolutely miserable. To make matters worse, about 5min. into my trek I had to pee….bad. Even with all my leathers on I was drenched to the core and the roads leading to Powell seemed to be in need of repair. My bladder was on overflow and the jiggling of the road was trying to tip my cup over. I would be lying if I didn’t admit that for a few, very desperate minutes I thought about just “letting go”. I weighed my options and I decided that really the benefits would’ve been twofold. One, I was soaking everywhere, even -down there-, so if I went, who’s gonna know? Right? And secondly I was so cold that I thought the urine might be a nice warming liquid to relieve my suffering. So I…..didn’t go. I dug down deep and found new strength in my pee holding muscle. It took me an hour to get to Karin which is about triple the time it should take, I was there for about 1 minute and left to go home which took me another .5 hour in the rain. All in all it was really crappy! By the time I got to the front door I was at the end of my rope, the leathers were heavy and dripping, I was almost dripping and I was freezing. I stepped inside and as fast as I could ran in the buff to the bathroom (I don’t think anyone was home). It was glorious I let out one of those howls and braced myself against the walls because the dam had been breached and the water was coming. Whew!

So Kar’s car ended up not even being that bad. There is some body damage around the wheel well, which sucks but other than that, there’s not much else. Her tire had popped when the guy hit her so she needed a new tire and rim and that was it. This week she is going to get an alignment and hopefully all will be well. When we picked her car up from the mechanic yesterday I noticed that there was white sparkly pain stuck in the bottom of her door, undoubtedly left from the Acura A-hole. It made me think, I wish there was a way that they could match the paint mix to a car like DNA to a person. Oh well.