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LAN Party

After months of half-ass planning me and my buds finally had a LAN party over at Phil’s house. This one was set to be a doosie since we had people coming that never come. The core group is always: Me, Phil, Andy, and Randy but this time we were able to add on: Ryan (able to escape from the wife for 12 hours), Jake F., Jake H., Dave, Ben, and Adrian. It was set to be a great time, that is if we could ever get everyone up and running. As always multiple people had problems networking, getting games loaded, or any number of things. It seems that with the number or people attending the number grow exponetially. We were pegged to start at 1pm, but I don’t think everthing was really running smoothly until after 4pm! That sucked, and Dave was the one helping people’s computers see the network, so he didn’t get much play time in since he had to leave at 6pm for a “DATE”!

Once we got things running it was pretty darn fun, and we had a good time killing eachother with machine guns from Vietnam, Futuristic weapons from UT2k4, and lightsabers galore with Jedi Knight. My plan was to get gamin’ early in the day so I wouldn’t stay out all night, but that didn’t happen as I still stayed until 1am. By that time Karin was in a big hurry to go so she could sleep, and I was dang tired too. The other cool thing was that we were planning on getting a 1/4 keg for the party, well the keg place screwed up and gave us a FULL kege for the same price as the 1/4, sooooo needless to say we had alot to drink. Jake H. made the biggest dent in the beer and in turn stumbled around the most on and off of the computer playing field. One week later there is still a half-a-keg left and open to anyone that wants some (see: Jake H), also for all that were there, they finally got rid of all the foam so it’s just pure beer flowing into your plastic cups. Phil gave awards to all the gamers that were there, but of course he purposefully forgot me, so I will award myself. “Most consistent” or “Most friendly fire” since I shot poor Randy out of the sky three times in a row thinking he was an enemy jet getting too close…he was pizzed. The awards go to:

Shortest Time and having a life award - Dave

Most tipped over chairs - Guitar Jake

Obviously been practicing UT - Other Jake

Comeback kid - Randy, for avoiding a computer meltdown

Helped me carry in the keg - Ben

Only girl that will touch me - Karin

Stayed the longest - Andy, he just left

Suprise Guest - Adrian

Host with the most - Phil

Probably in trouble with the wife - Ryan

Somone I forgot - ….

Crazy good time, oh and join us next time and we can givePDX LAN a run for it’s money!


Indigo Prophecy

Since I had a long weekend ahead of me I decided on Wednesday night that I would rent a game for my playing pleasure. After seeing good reviews and hearing good things from friends I decided to rent Indigo Prophecy. The game is set in New York City in the year 2009 during the winter. It starts out with your main character in a restaurant bathroom stall holding a bloody knife with a crazed look on his face. There is another man in the bathroom at the urinal doing his business. The man goes to the sink to wash his hands and your character opens the stall door and begins walking towards him. Your character looks possessed or messed up as his eyes are glazed over and he’s just staring at the ceiling as he walks. He gets right behind the man that is washing his hands, and just as the washing-hand-man turns around, your charcter stabs him in the chest three times. Your character is crouched over the body when he suddenly snaps out of it and says “what have I done?”………and that is the beginning of the game. You’re standing in a bathroom with blood all over, a dead guy on the floor and no instructions on what to do next. Awesome. :) There’s no map, no arrows to pull you in the right direction, no nothing. Now it’s up to you to decide whether you should clean yourself up, try to hide the body/murder weapon, go to the bathroom, preen in the mirror, or just bolt out of the restaurant. As you scurry around the bathroom trying to decide what to do the screen splits and shows you a police officer that was sitting at the bar start to make his way towards the bathroom. It’s a crazy feeling seeing him get closer and closer to the bathroom door and you’re inside trying to make everything spic and span!

From the opening scene the game really pulls you in. It plays just like a movie, and does so many things different from a normal action/adventure type game. For instance after you commit the murder you end up going back to the restaurant, but not as the killer, as the two detectives that are assigned to the case! So you as the viewer already knows what happened, but you still have to piece it together. At first I didn’t see the point of the two detectives, but it’s cool b/c they made it so each person picks up on different clues. You can switch between the two detectives pretty much at will, so sometimes you’ll be on the phone with your partner and he says “I’ll fax that right over to you” but to get the fax you need to switch over to him and fax it. It’s also neat b/c between each chapter you can choose which character’s story you’d like to play, the killer’s, or the two different detectives. So sometimes I really am anxious to see what happens next to the killer so I can choose to continue his story first, it’s slight, but it gives a different sense of control to the story. There are also elements of The Sims in this game as well. On the right hand side of the screen there is a little meter that pops up to let you know how your person is feeling. When good things happens they feel good, and bad things = bad. But you can always make your person feel better by eating, sleeping, playing the guitar, making some love, or peeing. My guy did alot of peeing.

The actions sequences were 100% different from anything I’ve ever seen in a game before. Instead of button mashing to fight off bad guys or pushing the “A” button over and over you had to basically do a simon says type of game. While you guy was fighting two squarish circles would pop up on the screen, they represented the two analog joysticks on the controller. If it said push up you pushed up, down down, you pushed down down. It was hard and really cool, it forces you to pay more attention then you normally would. As with the actions scenes the scenes where you were talking to people was innovative as well. You could choose your question or response much like you can in many games EXCEPT, there was about a 1.5 second time limit you had to do it in, and your question or response was represented by only one word. So for instance when it was time to ask a question at the top there would be maybe four words: Carla, Why, Oracles, Motive. And each of those four words would pull the conversation in a different direction, right as the words popped up a quickly depleting status bar would appear at the top (not unlike Wario Ware), and if you didn’t make your decision in time, the computer would make one for you, or the person you’re talking to might become suspicious, a whole number of things could happen. It was really exciting and a little nerve racking at times.

This game is the perfect rental game. The game review sites said it could be beaten in 12-15 hours but Ben M. beat it in 9 hours and I’d say my time was nearly the same. Besides being a little on the short side, I think the reason you tend to beat it so fast is b/c it really draws you in. When I wasn’t playing it, all I could think about was what happens next?! It was alot of fun, I’m only sad b/c it ended quickly. Overall I thought it was innovative and fresh in many ways. The cons are that it was a bit short, the graphics really weren’t all that great, and I know the Xbox could handle alot better, and even though it was innovative with the simon says fight scenes, there were times it was annoying b/c you really don’t see what is happening on the screen since you’re concentrating on pushing the right sequence of directions. But still a good rental.


Xbox 360 woes

So unless your head has been in a hole for the last week you may have heard something about the xbox360 being released. Well like a dumbass I didn’t preorder one (which may or may not have matter anyways) b/c I wasn’t interested in getting one right away, but when I saw some of the videos for PGR3 I was mesmerized. So I set out to get one on launch day. I figured I had waited out for the first xbox, I could do it for this one. The Sunday before it came out I went around to all the places that would have one and asked them detailed info as to how many they were getting of each, what time they were opening…etc. I wrote it all down and figured my best places would be Fred Meyer, Kmart, Sears, and may walmart. I knew Best Buy would have the most, but I also figured they’d have the biggest line. So everything was all happy shmappy in my head until the night before launch day. I quickly became aware of my foolish thinking when Phil and I happened to roll by Best Buy and there was already a line of about 30 people at 7:30 at night! Best Buy did not even open until 9am! My general feeling was “oh crap” but I still wasn’t too worried b/c I figured I had some reeeeal sleepers. Phil and I went by Fred Meyer at 8pm and there was already a line of 6 people! And Freddies was only getting 10 boxes! So Karin said we should go get inline at one of the places, but I just wasn’t prepared to stay up all night, and sit in the biting cold. 4 years ago when I got the original Xbox I got up at 2am to go to Fry’s and get one, when me and two other friends showed up there was only two people in line! So I was way surprised to see people lining up the night before. Nevertheless I stuck to my guns and decided that we (me, phil, and karin) should get up at 5am and head over to Kmart. The night before, Phil and I talked to them and they said they were getting all Premium systems in, but wouldn’t tell us how many. So fast forward to 5am and we all three put our eskimo clothes on and speed over to Kmart, to my complete delight there is no line! We scurry to the door and I am elated b/c we are officially first in line. About 10 minutes later two middle-age men roll up and ask if this is the line for the 360, we reply and they plop their butts down. All three of us bundle up and stay close to stay warm, as time passes more and more Kmart employees show up, wondering why there are these crazy people sitting in front of the Kmart at 6am. At about 6:45 one of the employees talks to us to see why we’re there, we tell her and she says, “oh, well let me check to make sure we have those” about a half an hour later she comes back to the front door with a sign that says, “Sorry, we do not have any Xboxes yet”. UNFRICKIN’ believable. We were there the night before and talked to the electronics guy that said there were getting the systems in, they had all the accessories up, but no machines. So the three of us tear over to Sears which was plan B as they only had 4 Xboxes. I was once again the 1st in line before two more guys showed up. One of them happened to get the manager out there and the manager said that they did not receive the 4 xboxes they were supposed to, so we were SOL. grrr.

So the two places that we were first in line for, didn’t receive the shipment. As it turns out, I called Kmart that night and they said that they were not going to be receiving any 360’s….at all. If I was crazy I could’ve gotten one, but I didn’t feel like waiting outside for 12 hours, plus even if I would’ve gotten one I probably wouldn’t be playing it now b/c I would’ve ended up selling it on Ebay for some serious profit. Let me remind you, these only cost $400, what is with the crazees that pay even $1300?! They can’t wait a few weeks? I’m seriously considering waiting in line all night for the PS3 if there is the same potential to earn that kind of money!
All is not lost as supposedly Microsoft will be replenishing supplies every week, that remains to be seen, but here’s for hoping. And here’s a pic of us in front of Kmart at 5:15 am, the ghetto booty in the background is phil’s.


Great Scott! It’s an Anniversary!

Put on your time suits and listen up! Today is a historic day for our planet. It was exactly 50 years ago today (November 5th, 1955) that Dr. Emmitt Brown slipped and hit his head, resulting in a vision of what would make time travel possible. The Flux Capacitor. I know, HEAVY! Also we must remember that it was on this day that Marty Mcfly first went back in time, bumped into his parents and nearly threw the whole universe into a cosmic spin. Fortunately with a little intermixing of sci-fi and some good ol’ rock and roll catastrophy was avoided. I think we are all thankful for that. But let us remember to be thankful for Dr. Brown’s invention, b/c honestly where would we be without it. Although the Flux Capacitor is a powerful tool for time travel it is very
fragile, prone to stop working at the worst times. Read this article and I think you will agree with me. Coupled with a Delorean and Plutonium, Doc Brown really put his time travel experiment in a precarious position for failure, it’s amazing it ever worked. But it did and we have him to thank for the acceleration of the first skateboard, Chuck Berry hearing Johnny B. Goode before he even wrote it and successfully severing any ties between us and the Libyans. There’s also this business of the gigawatt. As Doc Brown pronounces it “jiggawatt”. I thought nothing of it as a kid, but fast foward 20 years and me thinks that he says it wrong since we don’t say, “I have 1 jiggabyte of RAM” or, “I have a 3.2 jiggahertz processor”. It turns out I was wrong in my assumption, kinda. According to this is how you say gigabyte or gigahertz and of course the famous 1.21 gigawatts!. (Hit the little speaker next to the word to hear it said) The alternate way to say it is with a soft “g” as in “giggle” but the *right* way is a “j” as in “jiggle”. This is all so heavy.

Here’s a pic of a flux capacitor actually doing what it’s supposed to…….fluxing!

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Birthday Goodness

Yesterday was a pretty darn mellow bday. Even though I had decided to take the day off I got up at the normal time I do
for work. I know, a little crazy, but to me there’s nothing better than getting up early, staying up for an hour then going
back to bed. It’s like when you were in High School and you’d get up to get ready but find out that it was snowing, so you’d
sit by the TV or radio just waiting to hear that your school was cancelled, and when it was you were elated, but then you’d
go back to sleep and for me those times were the bestest sleeps ever. Plus I have the propencity to not be able to sleep in very
long on my days off. My planned worked beautifully as I went back to sleep at 7:30 and slept till after 10. I felt I should get
up and do something since it was my birthday, but it turned out there wasn’t alot to do. Everyone was at work, and to make matters worse, Karin was feeling really sick so she was a big pooper. We finally got out of the house around 1:30 and had some
delicious Thai food which was nice, but that was it. Dave took me out to a nice dinner at Stanford’s which was most superb. I
think the highlight of the dinner was when the waitress, who we had been jivin’ all night suddenly came to our table and asked
how long Dave and I had been dating. I knew she was joking, but honestly it was such a blindsided comment I had no witty retort
available. Even Dave was slow getting up from that knockout, he finally spewed out some verbal drivel and we tried to appear cool but it was no use. All in all it was a great dinner.

Afterwards I asked Dave if he would be willing to meet me online to play a little Halo2. He obliged and we for the most part cleaned up. Although there were some super annoying cheaters on that ruined the Stats for everyone. We almost ended the night on a sour note, but Dave said we couldn’t and I agreed so take a look at our last game “Team Slayer - 11/1/05 - 11:13PM - Ivory Tower” Go ahead and look at the detailed stats and see who cleaned up. That’s right WAVO baby, the bday boy.


you say its your birthday…..

Really today it was, sheesh 28 yrs ago, I’m getting old~!

But now it’s late (remember I’m old) and so I must retire, but thank you to all that gave
me love today, even if I didn’t deserve it. :) My friends and family rock. Details tomorrow.

Love ~M