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Dress Code

In my office I was under the impression that we were supposed to wear ‘office casual’, and I was under the impression that office casual included some type of collared shirt, nice pantalons, and dress shoes. Well lately my boss has been telling me “oh, I never said you had to wear nice shirts”, and “oh I never said you had to wear nice shoes”. And on and on. I’m annoyed because that’s not what I heard when I first started, and quite honestly I think I dress the nicest out of my little group. Well, if I don’t have to then to hell with it! So this week I’ve been wearing my new pair of jeans and a nice button up shirt. Now all of a sudden I hear about it every damn minute from my boss. “ohh, I guess you’re rebelling” , “oh, you know you’re not supposed to wear jeans, technically we’re office personnel” etc….etc…..etc. It has gotten so old so quick. I wanna squeeze her head until it pops and take my non dress code compliant jeans and stuff ‘em down the remaining neck hole. I told her today, I don’t see what the big deal is, we don’t work in the “office” she told me I didn’t have to wear nice shirts, or shoes, so I’m not going to worry about the dress code anymore. End of discussion. I think she was very surpised at my fervor over the issue. And dangit I have good reason to be fired up. Not only are her signals completely mixed and unclear, people the work a mere ten feet away from me get to where whatever they want, this includes, shorts, t-shirts, jeans and all mixtures in between. Just so you can get a better understanding I made a diagram.

The solid black line is a 5ft. cubicle wall, the ‘ladies’ on the right hand side are literally 10 feet away from me. As you can see by the colored areas we’re considered “office dress code” and the other three ladies are “warehouse”. Where we sit, no one ever sees us but they always see the ladies on the right hand side of the room since they’re not contained by a cubicle wall.

So I hope you all can understand the complete absurdity that is our dress code. If we had to deal with customers or clients SURE I’d be all for dressing nice, but no more, on most days the big wigs never even see us, so I’m done playing along.

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666 is fine with me

It’s kind of funny b/c tomorrow seems to be the only thing that my co-workers can talk about. I don’t like it, they’re acting weird. They keep prattling on and on about how everyone else in the world and funamentalist Christians are making such a big deal about it etc…etc..but really the more they talk about it, they’re the ones making a big deal. Honestly I had hardly thought about tomorrow’s date, now it seems to be all I hear about. But I have reason to celebrate tomorrow. Not only is it guitar Jake’s 29th birthday, but it is also my parent’s 36th wedding anniversary! I know OMG! They will have been married for 36 years on 666! If you take the number 3 out of 36 and multiply it by 2 (b/c there are two of them) you get the number 6! And if you take the number of years they’ve been married and divide it by 6 you get 6! Oh the humanity! Also the square root of 36 is…….6! But that’s not all, if you add up the 3 and 6 out of 36 you get 9. And we all know that 9 is nothing more than an upside down 6! Crap! So as you can see from my stellar math skillz my parents are going to hell, and they don’t even need a handbasket. I say let’s just wait one year, one month, and one day because than it’ll be 777 and you know what they say about 7. Well you do don’tcha?

Happy birthday Jake! Keep up the good playing, now make like a tree and get outta here!

Happy Anniversary ‘Rents! Thanks for making me even though I was an accident. You’ve covered it up well.

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