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NaBloPoMo Events and End

Things that have happened since NaBloPoMo:

  • Turned another day older and celebrated heartily
  • Quit my job
  • Started a new job
  • Spent more money on clothes in one night than I have in 4 years. no joke
  • Went to Idaho and saw relatives I haven’t seen in months
  • Saw Jake and Kara who I haven’t seen since April
  • Saw Jasper who I haven’t seen since May
  • Learned that a best bud is getting married in January
  • Learned that another best bud is moving far far away from here
  • Celebrated a plethora of birthdays
  • Got the trots on Thanksgiving Day… really blew
  • Got a full body massage
  • Passed three Real Estate School finals, scoring well over 90% on them
  • Didn’t hear from Tony for nearly a month (after he said he was going to comment on every post)
  • Finished all of my Real Estate School work
  • Wrote everyday for a month

Whew! what a month! I did it! I posted everyday for a month, and I don’t think I had any whiney posts saying, “I don’t know what to post about”. I’ll admit a few were lacking in content but some others were my longest ones ever! Good stuff. I’m going on break.

P.S. Phil gets the award for commenting on every post. The award is: Taking me out to a steak dinner! Everyone give Phil a round of applause.

P.P.S. Oh and thanks to every random person that stopped by my blog and especially to those who commented. I hope you come back again, I’ve found some of your blogs quite entertaining. :)

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Bite into a Mandelbrot

I’ve always thought that fractals are pretty cool. Its a great mix of math and art. Truly fascinating. So you can imagine my wonderment when an old coworker introduced me to The Mandelbrot Set. What is the Mandelbrot set? I can’t explain it so I’ll let the never failing wikipedia do it for me.
The great thing about Mandelbrots is being able to zoom insanely close on the image. Go to the website contained in this link to see what I’m talking about. Click and drag your mouse over a small section of the funky image, preferably somewhere along the edge of the blackness. Be amazed as it zooms in closer and closer and new colors and images come into view. If you want to reset the image, ‘right click’ the mouse. Pretty cool right?

The last thing that makes me happy about Mandelbrots is it sounds like cheddy brats. That’s not ‘brats’ as in bratty kids, it’s pronounced like ‘brought’ as in bratwurst. They are deliciousness on a stick! As kids we used to walk by the Hickory Farms store in the mall and beg my dad to have some cheddy brats. He often conceded because I believe he liked them as well. Imagine a hearty german sausage dog filled with chedder cheese, lanced on top of a wooden stick. I think the only thing that could make it better is if it was drizzled with mashed potatoes. The dangerous thing about a cheddy brat is that they are tightly packed in a thin casing, probably pig gut. If you don’t bite into it correctly things can get messy quick. I remember too eagerly biting into my cheddy brat, causing hot cheddy grease to squirt from the sides of my dog, searing the side of my cheek. In fact, now that I think about it, nearly every bite caused boiling grease to squirt profusely from the dog. I guess it’s a way for those Germans to get back at us! I wonder how those wacky Germans get the ‘cheddy’ in the brat? If it’s a beef brat I guess it could make sense, since a milk cow is essential a cheddy brat! Right? They probably squirt it in there with a special squirt machine. I’m craving me some Hickory Farms now!

The event of the evening that got my hunger motor running was going cake tasting with David. Apparently you can make an appointment with different dessert places around town, tell them you’re going to get married on some date, and they will let you come in and eat cake for free! FOOLS! Marie Antoinette’s headless body is rolling over in her grave right now! To take part of this free cake scam, all you have to do is nod and smile a lot, look at the ceiling as you taste each piece of cake and act as if you’re really pondering the flavors. At least that’s what I did. I’m not sure how many cake tasting appointments Dave has been on, but I think it’s 37. This rules. I wonder if you can do the same thing for main course wedding catering places? That’d be awesome, although if I had my wedding tonight I think I’d just give everyone cheddy brats and watch the mess I had created.

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All Growed up

The new job is going good. Very different from what I’m used to. I feel like I’m in a daze all day. It’s weird wearing snazzy clothes everyday. I feel like I should smile and wink while I walk by everyone. I’m trying to learn everything as fast as I can because I have a feeling things are going to be moving and shaking real soon. In the meantime I’m hanging on tight.

Today I was taking down a sign for a property right in front of my old elementary school. Memories flooded my head. Nineteen years ago I was sitting in one of those classrooms working on long division and now here I stood in front of the school all spiffed up, working on real estate stuff, who would’ve known?! My how times change.

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Look out below!

“So, you play guitar huh?”

My fingers plunked away on a familiar Jimi Hendrix tune as my eyes fixated on the questioner. His face wore a goofy grin and his hair was long and shabby, resembling a hippy Jesus.

“Umm…yeah.” was my semi-snotty response.

“Do you play as well?” I asked.

“yeah, I’ve been playing for a few years, but you are really good!”

My new friend and I talked for awhile about guitar and music until it was time to depart. That was 12 years ago. I remember it like it was yesterday, the moment I first met Jake.

Since then he has excelled as a guitar player successfully blowing myself and everyone else that says ‘I play guitar’ out of the water. Yes, he’s really that good. Since the first meeting we’ve had our ups and downs just like everybody else. There were times we’d go for months without talking or seeing eachother but in the end we’d always reaquaint like no time had ever passed.

Over the last year I’ve been more excited because Jake and I have consistently seen eachother more, and, well that’s just great! But now he decided to drop the A bomb on me and mix everything up. Jake and his lovely family are moving to Oroville Washington soon, like Dec. 8th. This was bomb number 2.

After that day of hell with my boss, Jake decided to have some fun and slash my emotional tires some more. I sound like I’m bitchin’ here, and well, I am but really I’m now happy for him. That doesn’t mean that I’m not sad for me. Rest assured, I’m all sorts of sad. It sucks sucks sucks. I’ve never really minded change but all this change at once makes me get loopy.

I’m going to miss my friend and all the good times we’ve had. I know I make it sound like he’s dying, he’s not, but do you know where Oroville is? Neither do I. How can I ever visit him if I don’t know his location? It’s like dying.
I suppose it’s for the best. I’m starting that whole new career thing and it’s bound to take up more of my time. Seems like eveyrone is moving away, getting married, and having kids. boo! I’m looking at you jakekarajakephildavidtonynicktylersarah! C’mon people! Quit growing up!

Check out Jake’s Website

Check out Jake’s Myspace

Listen to his music, he really is excellent, one day his name’ll be in lights.

Here’s a blast from the past:

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Pull a bat, I hit a ball up.

Hello all! I’m barely back from all my road-tripping in lovely Idaho. I had a good time with the family and the food was excellent. It snowed quite a bit making everything more peaceful and lovely than I ever remember. I took some pictures but can’t seem to remember my password for the tmobile pictures website :( grrr. This is super annoying. Tomorrow I start the new job, and I’m pretty darn excited. I hope they remember I’m starting tomorrow. About ten years ago I started at a new place of employment and when I showed up, no one seemed to know what to do with me. It was very frustrating and intimidating. I’m excited to look schnazzy tomorrow, I think beautiful women will fall into my lap tomorrow. Write it down, I’m predicting it.

I had a really good post for tonight, but I’m not finished writing it and honestly I’m just too darn tired, so tomorrow you’ll get quality. Instead, you know what you’ll get tonight? Palindromes! What are palindromes?

The word palindrome is derived from the Greek palíndromos, meaning running back again (palín = AGAIN + drom–, drameîn = RUN). A palindrome is a word or phrase which reads the same in both directions. Some examples:


To further demonstrate palindromes I’ll use Weird Al…this guy is a genius, watch the vid, the whole thing (sung in the style of Bob Dylan) is done in palindromes, seriously wow.

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Funny because it’s true!

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Happy Birthday Sis

My sister has always been the golden child of the family. Smart, nice, sugary sweet, big smile and a laugh that makes everyone turn and look while we’re dining in a restuarant. She can also be as stubborn as a crooked nail, fiesty and emotional. But it all fits as a good package. She always greets you with a toothy smile and feeds you, even if she’s low on food. She likes to write thank-you notes for even the smallest things, and it always makes one feel good. Ever since our young years she has been a giving soul.

I remember when the county fair came to town and my sister and I begged my father to take us. When we entered the fair grounds our little eyes were filled with images of toys, stuffed animals and prizes galore. The excitement was almost unbearable. One stuffed animal that caught my eye was a carrot. This was long before the era of Veggie Tales so I don’t know why I was so enamored with a stuffed carrot that had a face sewn one. All I know is I wanted that carrot. My dad said we could only play one or two carnival games, so of course I pick one of the hardest, but coolest games to play. I played the one where you use an automatic squirt gun to shoot water in a metal clown’s mouth that has a balloon attached to the top. If you succeed in getting most of the water in the clown’s mouth the balloon pops and you win a prize, hopefully in the form of a stuffed vegetable.

I loved guns as a kid so this game was a no brainer. I also thought at the tender age of 6.5 that I was hot stuff and could do it no problem. As you can imagine it was MUCH harder than it looked and I got no where near popping the balloon. I was really upset, I wanted that carrot. Megan (my sis) on the other hand chose to play some sort of table top bowling game and she actually won! The one-eyed knuckle draggin’ carnie asked her what prize she wanted. Lo and behold she chose the carrot! At this point I was crushed, the one prize I really wanted and she got it! I remember I started to cry a little because I was so sad. As the tears rolled down my cheeks, a moment in time was forever sealed in my memory. My sister turned to me, held up the carrot and in a soft voice said, “Here, you can have it.” Just like something out of a Hallmark movie (which I would never watch voluntarily). It was one of the sweetest things ever, I still remember it this very day, her birthday. Since that day she has only gotten sweeter and more caring, which is good because at times I still get a little wimpy when it comes to vegetables. Thankfully she’s there to make it all right. Thanks for all the memories and good times sis! Happy 31st!

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Happy Thanksphiling

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving full of love happiness and food. With food in my belly, I’m always full of love and happiness.

Also, Happy Birthday to Phil, he turns Rutabaga today. He’s so old we ran out of numbers! Now we have to count in vegetables!

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Goodbye, Sasquatch and Happy Birthday Fwiend

Today is my last day of workin’ for the same company for two years. It’s funny because even though I’m REALLY ready to go, I still get all sentimental about it while I sit at home. I find myself thinking about the little things and how they become a part of your daily routine. The sights and smells of people and the sounds of the office humming. The beeping of the timeclock, the jamming of the ridiculously priced color copier, the whine of the scanner, things like this are what I think about. You love or hate the little things about your job, but no matter what, they end up becoming a part of your daily life, until suddenly one day they’re gone. Jake corrected me tonight, ‘they’ actually still continue, but I do not. I guess I’ll also miss some of the people. Two of the girls I often go to lunch with took me out today and gave me a going away present! Maybe this is common in other business’ but I’ve never experienced it, it was way cool.

Anyways, these are my random thoughts in this late/early hour, times are a moving! Here’s some videos to laugh at! Oh and Happy Birthday to my friend Aimzee! Your rocking chair is in the mail.

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Fun with sound.

I’m gonna write about sound today and you’re gonna read it. I love sound, especially when it makes music.
This first one is kinda of musical. Watch the dots, it’s nice to get lost in them as they twirl. I do it at work when I don’t feel like working.

Check it out!

I don’t even know ‘what’ it really is. Watch one complete cycle of the dots (60 seconds), I love how the dissonant noise of the dots, come together in the end. While you’re on the dude’s website, check out other variations. Very interesting to say the least.

This next one is a sound experiment that involves fire, I don’t think I need to explain why this is extremely cool, plus the guy seems like a total hippie, and that makes me happy.

For this last visual representation of sound you may want to turn your speakers down, as they flip through higher and higher frequencies. Way cool!

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