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Getting it all done.

My pa came into town this weekend to celebrate his birthday and hang out with the family. The weather has been nippier here so I’ve been feeling like soup as of late. Last year my parents got into making huge crock pots of soup and helped me with a few batches that turned out excellente! I was hoping to continue the new tradition this year, so I employed my father to help me make a batch. In addition to the soup he suggested we make a casserole, I punched the sky shouting ‘yes!’ and wholeheartedly concured. To my new readers, click the casserole link to better understand my exuberance and also, what you can get me for christmas.

Between the two of us, it took us less than an hour to buy all the ingrediants, chop the veggies, throw everything in a pan and crock pot, and clean up. This is my kind of cooking. The casserole takes about an hour in the oven, the soup takes about 4-5 hours in the crock. This gave us a enough time to go to Freddies, buy parts for a toilet, hit on the cute cash register lady, come back, fix the toilet and start watching Oprah before the dinger on the stove dung(dang?). Both creations were a huge success, although I ate about 1/2 of the casserole in one sitting… was that good, and apparently I have no casserole control. There is a TON of soup left and everyone is invited to come over and have some. About the only thing it needs is a little garlic.

For my big pop’s bday we got him an Ipod. I had never really played with one up close so it was nice to see all the features and the lack of common sense Apple programmed in that thing. Before we gave it to my dad I loaded it up with songs and various groups that he likes, it was one of the most frustrating things I have ever had to do. I have a ‘Creative Nomad’ MP3 player and it works with the computer just like you think it should. The Ipod….not so much. I just about threw that piece of poop out the window 3 times. Can someone please explain to me the thought behind ’syncing’ the ipod to the computer? I understand matching up the libraries but I don’t understand it’s need to delete everything already on the ipod! ARRRRGH. I must’ve done that three times before I got everything squared away. When you sync, why can’t it just add to the songs already on the ipod? I don’t get it! All I can say is be careful if you take your ipod to a friend’s computer and try to add music, if you click the wrong things…ZOOTTTT there goes your collection. Lame. Other than that the Ipod is pretty cool and slick, I just don’t like the interaction with the computer.

But I do like my interaction with soup and casseroles. In a word, yum.

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I’m a D-list Blogger

I saw this on someone else’s blog so I thought I’d give ol ET a spin. Apparently I don’t blog very much, I’m in the ‘low authority’ group. Just as well, I suppose I have more of a life? Or maybe I don’t have a life, therefore I never have much to say? I’m not sure, oh look cookies!

D-List Blogger

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The Flood Begins

Yesterday I officially registered to take my Licensing exam next Wednesday and already the barrage of letters from competing realty companies has begun. Crazy, you’d think I was a super star! Well let it be known, I am a super star and don’t you forget it. According to reports from fellow brokers I should have enough letters to completely finish wallpapering the living room and start on the bathroom before this whole thing is over. I hear anywhere from 50-75 letters will be arriving in the coming weeks. Who knew there were so many different brokerages around here!? I say, can’t we all just get along?

In addition to the letters, my dreams have also officially registered to worry about the exam. This is how I worry about things: even keel during the day, not giving it much thought, and insane dreams at night. In slumberland I was taking the test but I kept getting up and leaving after every 10 questions. I would go out and get some food, or I’d go out and visit a friend and come back and answer a few more questions before I left again. This happened three times before I came back the final time and the proctor said, “times up!” and I was sad b/c I had only answered 30 questions out of 200. I’m pretty sure this dream won’t come true, but one can never be too careful. Tonight I wonder if I’ll dream about falling, while trying to take the test, that’d be bad…

Tonight was the 4hr. review and it was mostly good but reaffirmed that I am a very visual learner as well as a visual seer. The man would ask questions out loud and I really had to think about the answer, but when I read the questions I’d know it right away. Most geniuses like myself are visualers.

Tomorrow I have to go to my previous place of purgator….er…employment and pick up my vacation check. I would be lying if I said I’m not excited to go in there all duked out. After the way my boss acted when I left it’ll be nice to say ‘I’m doing just fine’. I got the scoop from an inside source that my previous boss got ‘talked to’ by one of the head honchos and he told her to settle down. Seems after I left things didn’t get any better, she was just ragin’ worse and worse. I feel bad for my former co-workers, I wish they would leave too, let the boss wallow in her own misery. Bah!

The weekend is almost here! Cyber-high five!

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Cheek Brush

When I brush my teeth I like to get vigorous and vivacious with the toothbrush. I figure the deeper the scrubbing, all the better for my teeth, right? I used to use a ‘hard’ brush but then the dentist, or his assistant, I can’t remember which one, said that it’s not good to use a stiff brush. “Why the heck would they make them then?” was my inquiry. Actually it was more like ‘Y uh eck uld ey ake em en?” Get it? (because my mouth was open). He/she said that it’s too hard on you gums and that ‘they’ make them so people can have a choice. Lame.

I switched to medium a few years ago and made up for the lack of stiffness by brushing harder. I remember for a while I had a helluva time keeping the toothbrush on my teeth. I’d really get a rockin’ rhythm going on my cuspids and bicuspids when in my haste I’d ’slip’ and like a locomotive chugging down the tracks my toothbrush would derail into my soft, precious gums. With enough vigor a toothbrush slices through gums like a hot knife through butter. It sucks, and you’re reminded of your own idiocy for the next week when you try to eat, drink or talk. After about 7x of this I wised up and now brush with a little less haste, a little more toothpaste and never with anger. Never brush when you’re angry, no matter how dirty your teeth are.

Today I was running a little late for work so I was giving my teeth a toothbrush woopin’ when once again I slipped, but this time instead of ripping my gums into chop suey I accidently brushed the whole side of my cheek. I know! Crazy right? I don’t know how it happened either. I made sure to wipe off the white toothpaste smeared across my cheek, I didn’t want to look like the guy I used to work with years ago. He used to come to work with white marks on the corners of his mouth. I thought he suffered from some sort of skin retardation until I realized it was just toothpaste residue. I never told him about it, I figured he probably wanted it there.

As I drove around today I happened to feel my cheek and to my surprise the place where I accidently brushed minty paste into my skin was the softest part of my face! This got me thinking. Maybe we’re using toothpaste for all the wrong things!? What if my ex-coworker from years ago was onto something? He did have a hot wife, maybe she liked his soft mouth corners? What if toothpaste has more uses then just inside our mouths? We could be missing out on opportunities! It’s possible society just leads us to believe that we’re supposed to use toothpaste the way we do. The same could go for a ton of other things….think about it, have you ever tried water on you cereal? Maybe Cap’n crunch is just as good with ol’ H20 or even orange juice! I don’t know, try it and let me know. In the meantime I’ve got some face brushing to do.

If you’re not into face scrubbing you can also read my trials with flossing.

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Jake’s EP Released

I’m excited to tell all the readers of the Internet that Jake’s EP is now released! It’s a smashing five-song selection of some of his greatest riffs, melodies, pull-offs and a few harmonies. Just take a look, how could you not want to buy one?

You can either obtain this fantastic display of guitarrhea directly from Jake’s hand, or very soon you will be able to order it off of CD Baby. Either way don’t delay because in about a month he will be famous and you’ll wished you were one of the one’s that could say, “I knew him back when…”. Right? There will be a day when ‘Herrick’ will be synonymous with other household names such as, Panasonic, Sony, Intel, GE, Oak, Wall and Carpet. Order now! Help him feed his family! Do it for the kids! Rock out for the little ones!

In other news about Jake, last night we hung out for the last time before he moves to BFE. I was sad, so was he. I was seriously thinking about pushing him down a flight of stairs so he could break a leg or two and have to stay in town for a while. Or I guess I thought it would be funny to see him bonk his face like this guy:

Instead, there was no face bonking or leg breaking, he left without incident. :( Good luck in Oroville my friend.

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Bearin’ Down

Now that I finished that post a day for a month thingy, I figured I could take a month off. My family and friends disagreed with me and said I can’t do that. But, just so you know I got my letter from the Real Estate Agency telling me that I can now schedule my licensing exam within the next week. Soooo, I may not be posting as much for a week or so. Hang tight it’ll all be over soon. Just when I’m done cramming and taking the test and finally ready to hang out and party 24/7 it’ll be the time that Dave’s getting married, Jake’s moving away, Tony’s working 5 jobs, and Phil will be playing WoW again.

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