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Battle of the PC wits

Sitting in the office, plugging away at one of the general computers, ‘Gary’ a fellow realtor walks up to do some faxing.

Gary: So why are you on this computer did she kick you out of the office?

Me: No, my laptop has been having some issues so I came over here to print…I’m gonna have to call dell.

Gary: Oh that sucks.

(a few moments go by)

Gary: Hey…weren’t you the big computer geek before this?

Me: Yes, but I can’t figure out what’s wrong with it and I took it to my friend who’s an even Bigger computer geek and he tried everything he knew to fix it, but to no avail.

Gary: Bummer. Hey you should get a Mac!

Me: Ha! Yeah and why don’t I start kissing dudes while I’m at it!

Gary: (laughter) I never knew you felt so strongly about it.

Me: Well, I’m just sayin’

Gary: The thing that sucks is the RMLS website won’t work on the MAC.

Me: I hear that, it won’t even work with Firefox. Why don’t you use IE?

Gary: IE?

Me: Internet Explorer.

Gary: Oh is that what that means?

Me: Yeah, don’t they make that for the Mac?

Gary: I don’t know but they do have a thing called virtual PC which allows me to use the RMLS website.

Me: Doesn’t that seem funny to you? Using virtual PC on a Mac?

Gary: I guess, but if I really wanted a crappy computer I would’ve bought a Dell.

Me: Touche.

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Day off

I never thought that going to Costco during the rush on a Sunday would feel so good. I didn’t mind waiting in the long lines or navigating my cart through the jungle of big bottoms and beer guts. For the first time in weeks I had nowhere to be, nowhere to rush off to, no appointments to keep. My only concern was whether I was going to order a polish dog or a salad from the Costco food court. The salad won. At home, I watched Ong Bak a riveting story about a man seeking to take back his village’s Buddha head. This guy makes Jackie Chan’s stunts look boring.

After the movie I proceeded to kick Phil’s ass in a great game of NBA 2k3. Phil left, I took a little nap and woke up to drive to Dave’s house for some more gaming action. We showed his wife the wonders of Gears of War on a projected HD screen. She couldn’t understand why us guys love bloody action games. I think I saw her mouth agape as we put in Hitman and proceeded to blow away innocent cyber people. All in good fun of course. We finished the night off with some pizza and now here I sit writing this. I want to have more fun but the day is almost over and I must be at a vacant house by 9am to let an electrician in. Hmmmph.

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Enough to make you poo your pants

I think that this would be enough to make your life flash before your eyes.

The first 48 seconds of the video aren’t much, so if you want to, fast forward to 48 seconds and enjoy.

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What’s the deal?

Is it just me or are ‘they’ really pushing the oscars this year? I’ve never noticed this before but everywhere I look, it’s talking about the oscars or the countdown to the oscars! Ack! Why so much focus on the stars…’s tiring.

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Bare Laws

If you watch the news and you live in Oregon you may have heard about the man in Mt. Rainier that has been prancing around naked, much to the chagrin of the rest of society.
Why hasn’t he been arrested for his nasty nudity?

Because of Section1. ORS 163.465 which states that:

“It is not illegal for a person to be naked in public unless that person engages in sexual intercourse or attempts to arouse sexual desire with himself or another person.”

Isn’t that crazy? Who knew!
Y’see, this is why I can never be naked in public, I would be arousing all that sexual desire in all the females within a 1 mile radius. Yes, 1 mile. My body is that sexy underneath all these clothes. I really do hide it well, which is important because I don’t want to be accidentally breaking the law again.

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Parents these days…

I can’t believe this was a parent’s idea….it’s a good thing he didn’t stay on.

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">You can call me

The Portland Art Museum is currently showing the “Quest for Immortality” exhibit of Egyptian artifacts. I recommend that you fork out the money and go. It is so so sooo worth it. Unless you hate the Egyptians, then don’t bother. I’ve always had a fascination with not only the pyramids but also the mysteries of the Egyptians and their beliefs, culture…etc. I find it truly awesome to be able to be up close and personal with statues, writings, jewelry that are so incredibly old and in such fine condition. It tickles my brain to think what these people were like and the fact that they had no idea the work they did would end up surviving 3500 years later.

We’ve all seen the pyramids and huge monuments the Egyptians sculpted, but one of the coolest things at the exhibit were a bunch of tiny figurines. They were smaller than a G.I. Joe and about 100x more detailed, made from pure gold. It was a sight to behold. There was a tiny sphinx that particularly drew my attention. It was so finely crafted you could see the lines between the paws, and the paws were extremely small. It’s amazing to see such craftmanship with gold.

I thoroughly enjoyed each piece in the museum and really didn’t want to leave once we came to the end. I was filled with wonderment and a twinge of sadness. Everything was from another time and place and it almost felt weird to be seeing it in a museum. There was a large carved statue made from granite with smooth features throughout. The silent black figure was highly detailed with very little damage from time and the elements. It was the figure of a scribe, and he was in the process of writing on a scroll stretched across his lap. The scroll on his lap contained hieroglyphics except in the middle where they had been rubbed off. Apparently people used to place their hands on his scroll and pray for….whatever. A solid rock sculpture that has remained unscathed for over 3000 years shows no sign of wear except where thousands of hands once rested. It all seemed so out of context. At one time this statue had many visitors and now it sits in a museum in Portland Oregon. What happened to all of those people and their ancestors? And what became of their religion and belief system? How could something so popular fade and become abandoned? It intrigues me to no end, it gives me that tingly twinge that we’re not getting the whole picture. That’s why I believe the mysteries surrounding the Egyptians will continue because we aren’t getting the whole picture, only a glimpse. Nevertheless, go see the glimpse at the Portland Art Museum before it leaves March 4th. Totally worth it.

Oh and at the top there that is my name in hieroglyphics! Isn’t that way cool? I think it is. I also got a tiny statue of Anubis (thanks pop!) it’s way cool because it is a near replica of the tiny figurines. I want to take a picture but it appears my camera is broken :( so use your imagination.

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The Real Deal

Yipee!! Guess what? I got paid my first real commission check! Woohoo! It wasn’t much but it’s totally ok because it proves to me that my work is starting to pay off. I should hopefully get paid a few more times before the month is through, but for now I’m thrilled that things are coming together. It’s still really weird for me to say that “I’m a realtor”. It’s funny how quickly things can change. To get my CS degree I had to go to school for four years, it was a bigger committment and at times I wondered if I was even doing what I was supposed to be doing. Now, I get my license in 2.5 months and BOOM everything changes drastically. Really nuts.

Things are moving and shaking quite well for this time of year. Last week we had 10 pending transactions which is awesome. I’m still coming up to speed on everything, so to me it feels really busy, but I can only imagine that in the summertime it’ll be even crazier, I hope to have a better grasp on everything by then. I’m finally working for myself and I really do love it. I’ve always wanted to be my own boss and now I get to be. And just like everyone told me, I’m working a lot harder now that I don’t work for the man. It’s ok, I feel it will pay off more in the end.

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Advert Annoyance

Is it just me or have the super bowl advertisements taken a turn towards the mundane and uncreative? I only watch one football game a year and even then, I’m really only interested in the commercials. I chuckled at a few this year but not too many commercials really stood out to me. It seems ever since Janet Jackson’s nip slip the commercials have been tamer. I never thought a woman falling out of her clothes would be a bad thing. :(

This one was got a chuckle:

And this one:

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Greatest thing to see on the way home.

Two very fat, grown men chasing eachother in the rain with lightsabers (not real ones). Oh man! My day is complete! Fatties huffing and puffing and a wet t-shirt contest all rolled into one! Sweet! I thought I was on candid camera, too good to be true….

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