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Thank you to all those who fought and served and especially to those who died for our right be free and to elect idiot presidents that continue to send our boys and girls to war.

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Guitar Lessons

If I ever decide to teach guitar, I think I’ll teach it like this guy


I’m in LOVE!!

She is an absolute work of beauty. I can’t believe I’ve lived my life this long without her. Y’know the funny thing? She was always there waiting for me, I just didn’t realize how easy it was to get her. She gives me support when I need it, yet provides me with necessary space. She looks great in jeans or a dress and wraps herself around my body like none other, best of all she makes my feet happy everyday. Everyone….I’d like you to meet my new love:

The Asics Gel Cumulus VIII

I believe this is the first time in my life that I have ever owned proper running shoes and if you can’t already tell, I am 100% stoked! I really wouldn’t be this stoked if they were anything short of amazing. I’ve been running and sprinting more and more and lately it has dawned on me that I should invest in some good running shoes. Until today I’ve been running in my Vans which are skateboarding shoes. They are great for skateboarding or standing in (which are the only two things skaters like to do, skate and stand around…..which probably explains my lack of motivation and increase in angst and the new emo haircut) but lately I’ve begun to notice that they feel like two cement blocks attached to the end of my legs. After today’s ‘run’ which felt more like I was trying to swat low buzzing flies with my feet I decided to upgrade my footwear. Everyone (which actually was all of three people that I talked to) said I should go to Pacesetters in Portland. The main reason was because they make you go outside and run in different shoes to analyze your running style and gait, even when its raining.

Today it was raining.

The salesman informed me that I land more on the outer edge of my shoe and went back inside to prove his wacky theory by pointing out the dress shoes that I walked in, in. Indeed the heel of my shoe was more worn on the outer edge. With the proof to back his pudding I tried on a couple different pairs of ‘neutral’ running shoes. I thought calling them neutral was a little bit obvious, without us guiding them, all shoes are neither coming or going, they’re just there.

After a few sprints and jogs in the parking lot I decided on the Asics. The point I knew they were the ones for me was when I nearly ran into the shrubs at the end of the parking lot. I have never felt anything like that in my life. It was if the shoe was propelling my foot forward, actively progressing my stride and I found it difficult to stop! Now I actually feel like going out and running instead of having to pump myself up beforehand.

After my successful shoe shopping I was hungry and fortunately for me Otto’s Sausage and Meat Kitchen was nearby. Nearly everyday I drive by Otto’s and during the lunch hour a large queue forms for the freshly grilled tubes o’ meat, I figured it must be good if there is always so much interest. I stopped in, ordered a chicken sausage w/potato bun from the grill, topped with plenty of mustard and sauerkraut, it was delicious! Everyone should stop by for a quick, yummy bite. A small review and address can be found here.

In the meantime I’m going for a jog.

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Joss Stone and Fire

Friday night I went out and saw the continually beautiful Joss Stone in concert. If you don’t know who she is, I feel sad for you. At the tender age of 20 she has already sold 10 million records. She burst onto the scene four years ago when she was only 16. I remember I went to visit my dad and he put on her cd. From the speakers came a wailing and soulful sound my ears delighted to. He asked me, “what do you think?” I told him it sounded like a big black woman along the lines of Etta James or Ella Fitzgerald. You can imagine my surprise when he showed me the CD Jacket and on it was a young blonde girl from London which goes to show you can’t judge a book by it’s cover nor a CD by it’s jacket. Since then Joss has been growing in popularity in R&B and mainstream circles. She has yet to sell out stadiums but she had no problem selling out the Crystal Ballroom on Friday night. She draws everyone, the place was packed with all ages. Gray heads down to shaved heads filled the dance hall.

I love going to concerts but I have a knee jerk reaction against all opening bands, I feel they have to work extra hard to prove themselves to me. Twice now I have been to the Crystal Ballroom where the opening bands were nothing short of awesome. This was the second time. Ryan Shaw was the opener and he was rockin’. An awesome singer and a strong support group got the crowd’s hips and bodies moving. It was nothing exceptionally fancy, just good ol’ rockin’ R&B.

Joss came on and delighted the crowd with her laid back, almost shy personality. She wasn’t overly flashy or full of herself, she just immerses herself into her music and sings her heart out. The sad thing about her set was that it was only about 70 minutes long, but since every song relies solely on her voice you could tell near the end that her voice was starting to get raspy and give out. Regardless it was a great time for me and my pop. He bobbed around with the rest of the people but I’m glad he didn’t move around like the two ‘interperative dance’ girls in front of me. They waived their arms around like spaghetti noodles at an italian wedding. Those types of girls seem to follow me around at every concert and automatically stand directly in front of me. One of these days my interperative elbow is going to find it’s way into the middle of their spines. When they ask me what the heck I’m doing I’ll just tell them I was getting into the music. I’m sure they’ll understand.

While we were filtering out after the concert I had a funny thought of what it would be like if there was a fire in a concert hall like that. It took us quite a few minutes to get out into the cool night air, imagine if there were burning bodies involved?! So many people would die. I’m reading an interesting book right now that briefly touched upon emergency exits in airplane crashes. The book points out that it doesn’t really matter where you sit on the plane for maximum survivability in the event of a crash, it really matters whether you’re male or female. The highest percentage of people that survive are male because when the plane is on fire, no one is orderly. It’s every ‘man’ for himself and since men are indeed the strongest and biggest they are the ones that trample the younger and weaker. Kinda sad really….but don’t let that thought ruin this post or your day. Just remember the concert was great! Listen to Joss Stone!

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Spiders on drugs

Some of you may have seen this, but I thought it was really interesting. Let me know what you think:

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Two cake bday

My buddy Tony’s birthday is today. I was going to write the greatest blog entry ever written until I learned that he did NOT invite me to his party with two cakes. He had two cakes at his party. One for the left side of his mouth and one for the right. Because of his inability to share his two cakes I am stopping this entry far short of it’s possible grandness and I will bid him a happy birthday! Next year I hope he only gets one cake.

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Must be the way I was raised.

I don’t know why I do this but when I buy yogurt I usually buy a variety of flavors, y’know to mix it up, ‘keep it fresh’ so to speak. The problem with that is that I really don’t want to buy multiple flavors. My favorite yogurt flavor is strawberry, but when I go to the store I buy about 4 strawberries 2 raspberries and maybe a blueberry. On days like today I open the fridge annoyed to see that there are no strawberry flavored yogurts left. With a heavy sigh I reach in and think to myself, “I guess I’ll have raspberry…grumble grumble”. Now here I sit shoveling down raspberry yogurt. It’s good, but it’s no strawberry. I seriously have a hang up with buying all one flavor at the supermarket. I always get a feeling that the clerk is going to look at me when I place all my yogurts on the conveyor belt and say, “13 strawberry yogurts? Are you kidding? Why don’t you go put a couple of those back and pick out a different flavor. You don’t need 13 of the same kind.” So to avoid this awkward situation I go ahead and buy flavors that don’t really thrill me. That’s messed up, I should buy whatever the hell I want. Anyone else do something like this?

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Reason #38 as to why I am the perfect catch

Besides my dashing good looks, inescapable charm and unmatched virility I thought of another reason why all single women should date me. I put the toilet seat down. I’m not just talking about the seat, I put the whole dang lid down. I have been in the practice of this for years and years, since early childhood. After losing one too many nerf toys into the toilet I started closing the whole lid as a small boy. The nerf basketball I loved to shoot hoops with was nothing more than a round sponge that had an uncanny ability to find it’s way inside the toilet bowl.

Today I was once again reminded why everyone should adopt my toilet lid shutting ways. I was in the shower….naked, about to lather up but the soap had been wittled down to a sliver so I grabbed the fresh box of irish spring sitting on the shower shelf in front of me. I tore it open, threw the empty box over the shower curtain and finished my shower with the luck o’ the irish. As I stepped out of the shower I saw it, the silver soap box not sitting on the floor, or the garbage can, but carelessly floating in the toilet. “Awwww c’mon!” was my response. Now I know this goes against everything I just said in the first paragraph about ‘always closing the lid’ but there was a reason the lid was open. You see before I took my shower I felt the rumblings of last night’s casserole and so I made a deposit into the porcelain bank. Under normal circumstances I would’ve flushed immediately upon the finale of my movement but I was about to take a shower and in my house when you flush and then turn on the shower you get 900 degree water spitting from the shower head for about 20 minutes. Water this hot is a no-no for my skin, therefore I don’t flush right away. I keep the lid open and take a shower because otherwise after the shower I’d forget to flush, and I don’t want to leave a surprise for someone else. I once visited a girlfriend’s house and she did the same thing. That was the day I lost my innocence when it came to girls going number 2. Before that day I thought that all women pooed flowers or butterflies but as I stood there staring at her trucker sized turds, I knew it was all a lie.

Today I found myself staring at my own torpedoes gently bobbing against the quickly sinking soap box. I hesitated for a few moments before plunging my freshly showered hand into the abyss to grab it (the box not my man made missiles) and flung it into the garbage can. I immediately flushed the toilet and scrubbed my hand. All this to prove my point. 99% of the time I keep the lid down which makes me an awesome catch, it’s the other 1% that you have to watch out for.

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Pics of the trip

Here are a few Idaho Pics.

I thought this was funny, my grandma wrote notes next to the magazine ad.

These maple bars are huge. I didn’t have a penny on me otherwise I would’ve placed it for scale.

A Classic Idaho meal. Meat and taters.

Me and grandma getting it done.

Beautiful day

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gone away

Over a week ago I was far far away in Idaho. Since then it has been hard to get back into the groove of city life and blogging life. Things move slower up there and the stress seems to lift away. I went up there to visit my grandma and to have a mini vacation before the summer season starts. The only thing I had planned while I was up there was to learn some of grandma’s famous recipes and relax.

Everyday we cooked a new dish that mainly revolved around meat, and (you guessed it) potatoes. Grandma came to life with excitement showing me how to make each dish. She would always jump in and help, even though she told me in advance that I was going to have to do it all myself and she was just too tired to help. It’s funny how it all changed once I arrived. We made her famous chili lentils, meatloaf, casserole, chicken fried steak and a yummy dessert. I am excited how easy it all was to make. Plus casseroles are perfect for a bachelor like me. They are quick to make but then you have a dinner meal for the rest of the week! Awesome!

After our noon meal grandma would go for a nap and for the first few days I too found myself fast asleep on the couch or in my bedroom. These were no 20-minute power naps, I’m talking full blown conked out, sawing logs goodness. I haven’t taken a naps like these in so long. I used to be known for napping, now I’m just too busy to even consider one. Plus in the city it’s too noisy and distracting. Even though I went up there to enjoy the land and my grandma’s company I loved every minute of my nap time. The first day I slept over two hours and awoke to the sounds of Judge Judy handing down the law.

It was fun watching programs with g-ma, that I normally don’t tune into. Everyday she watches Judge Judy and if she remembers to, Dr. Phil. During prime time I was treated with a variety of shows I had never seen: Dancing w/the stars, george lopez, according to jim, ugly betty…etc. Basically what is ever on during the 8:00 hour. I thought it was interesting that my Grandmother watched George Lopez or Dancing w/the Stars! I would’ve never guess. The interesting thing about watching with her is that she turns on the closed captioning. She’s getting hard of hearing in her age and so she not only turns the tv up WAY loud (even for 1 eared me) but she also turns on the words. This is all dandy but I found out something about myself……………….

I can’t take my eyes off the words! No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t help but read along with the characters in the sitcoms. I mean they’re there! The words are sitting at the bottom of the screen just waiting to be read! The time it really bugged me was with Dancing w/the Stars b/c nearly every song the people danced to had lyrics that were sung and typed up on screen. Often the words would block my view of the sexy bodies moving and twisting on the dance floor. I was sad when I couldn’t see the tantalizing torsos.

Besides cooking and watching tv we played bluegrass together, went for a few walks and talked about life and getting old. It was a great week, the weather cooperated even though they said it was supposed to rain, I got tons of sleep, stood out in huge fields all by myself, spun around 360 degrees taking in the expanse, and just relaxed, everyone should get to do this.

Pictures soon.

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