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New host

Did you notice this this site looks all different and crappy?  Have you noticed that images aren’t working well?  Have you noticed that Micah is only paying $35/year for webhosting now?  That’s because he switched hosts to my (Jake’s) account at!  How exciting and neat!  Please pardon our e-dust while we do construction or whatever…

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Moving forward

Leaving the office today I got into my car just as the lady in the giant SUV next to me was leaving. It felt like an eternity as I waited in my car for this lady to maneuver her car out of the spot. It’s like the minute she started rolling backwards she forgot how to drive. She turned her wheels the wrong way, pulled forward, pulled backwards. She even had her son get out so he could wave her back like a 747 trying to dock at the airport. I don’t know what it is, but it seems like *some* women’s (I didn’t say all) brains turn off the minute they put the car in “R“. The ‘R’ stands for reverse, not Rest your brain. Yet so many times I think the ladies are resting. She finally broke free of the parking space, waved happily at my patience (I smiled back) and we were off. Fast forward 5 minutes and I’m about to merge onto the freeway, but my car feels a bit sluggish. Annoyed, I punch the pedal to the floor to get in front of the beat up Ford pickup in the right lane, and just as I merge I look down on my dash to see a bright red light. I freaked thinking it was the oil light, but no instead, there shining in my eye was the ‘emergency brake light’. At 60mph I looked down to see that in fact I had been merging and driving with my E-brake on. Crap ass. So much for men’s superior driving skills and so much for the E-brake. To quote Mitch Hedberg:

“I rent a lot of cars when I go on the road, and a lot of times, I don’t know exactly what’s going on with it, right? So I’ll be driving for ten miles with the emergency brake on. That doesn’t say a lot for me, but it also doesn’t say a lot for the emergency brake. It’s not an emergency brake, it’s a make-the-car-smell-funny lever.”

In other news, hang on tight, the road is about to get bumpy. In about a week and a half my web host expires and I’m switching to a new host. So even though I haven’t been posting much, I have been working a ton in the background of my site. Backing everything up and anticipating the switch, hoping everything will proceed smoothly. Last night I had a bit of a breakthrough on a few things with Phil’s help so that is excellent. Once I know for sure that everything is backed up I may try to go ahead and update to a new version of wordpress on this blog so that i can easily export it to the new site. I have no idea what the update will do, so if things look funky or don’t work right, know that I’m working on it. All 3 of my dear readers.

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How to Fix your Jeep

The first day that Kara picked me up from the airport I noticed that her Jeep’s dashboard had a nice orange warning light constantly shining “Check Engine”. AS we all know check engine lights are a vague diagnosis of your car’s internals that could signal grave danger or nothing at all, they are about as worthless as a backup horn on a tricycle. I pointed at the light (just in case she hadn’t noticed),

Me: “Your check engine light is on.”
Kara: “I know, we need to replace the oxygen sensors.”
Me: “oh.”

During my week in Maui, Jake and Kara did purchase correct oxygen sensors to be installed by Jake and I, or all three of us. In order to pull out the old sensors and install the new ones we needed a special tool, most likely called an ‘oxygen sensor socket’. Kara swiped one from her work and on Sunday morning we attempted to fix their Jeep.
I’m really not lying, we did try as evidenced by the pictures here:

and here:

It took us a while but we were finally able to pull out the first sensor. We were excited and started to put in the new sensor but things weren’t going very smoothly. It appeared that the new sensors were too long to be installed with the current socket we had. Frustrated and sweaty we quickly put the old sensor in place and went to the theater to watch Ratatouille (which is a great movie by the way). We later learned that we had the correct socket all along, we just weren’t being aggressive enough with the new sensors. Every night Kara swiped the tools from work so Jake and I could work on the Jeep and every night Jake and I were more interested in going to the beach, drinking beer, watching tv and listening to music.

In the end it did not matter that Jake and I never got a round to fixing the Jeep. My last night on the island, Jake decided to take us to a different location to watch the sunset. Instead of the soft, sandy beaches with beautiful bodies bouncing all around, he took us to some 100 year old lava flows. The terrain was filled with sharp, jagged rocks that poked up your butt when you tried to sit down. It was romantic. This part of the island is more rural than where J and K live, so it’s about a 20-25 minute drive. After the beautiful sunset Jake was driving us back into town when from out of a nowhere a large male deer jumped out of the bushes and did a little dance in front of our car. Jake slammed on the brakes, screeched the tires, which spooked the deer causing it to bolt into the nearby woods. A Hawaiian deer. Ha! Who knew they had those in Hawaii? I bet they were expensive to ship down there!
After the near collision with Hawaiian wildlife, we looked down to see that the ‘check engine’ light had magically disappeared! Woohoo! No more greasy hands for me and Jake. The next morning the light was still off! A truly wonderful way to fix a vehicle, had we actually hit the deer there would’ve been more than a check engine light to look at. Thanks to Jake’s cat-like reflexes the deer can live another day to assist in fixing some poor soul’s jeep.

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Leaving Paradise

So it’s been just over a week since I left Maui, and it’s safe to say that things are quickly back to normal around here. This week has been nuts in the job department. Twelve hour days, many phone calls and plenty of stress to wig me out. Nothing like a big does of reality to snap you out of vacation mode.

It’s not all bad though, I’m mostly glad to be back, and really it’s excellent that we’re so busy. The end of June and all of July were REALLY slow which is a bit freaky since these are supposed to be the busy times. August 1st must’ve flipped a switch in all the brains of buyers and sellers b/c we are suddenly busy again. That’s how it goes in Real Estate though, up and down ebb and flow.

I had a great time in Hawaii and was definitely sad to leave. I realized something strange about myself on this trip. I get sad to leave, no matter where I’m going. Believe it or not, the day I left Portland to go to Maui, I was all sad, and didn’t feel like leaving. Even though it was rainy and mucky here with plenty of responsibilities, I still had a tug. Seems stupid when I’m about to enter paradise. Of course I felt an even greater tug returning to PDX. I was leaving a nice, warm and wonderful setting with great friends, lots of beer and bikinis galore (seriously is there anything better than walking into a Safeway, Walmart, the pub…etc and seeing bikini clad bodies everywhere? My eyes got such a workout all week, I thought I tore a muscle) . The realization that I may never experience Hawaii the same way bummed me out too. Who knows when I’ll have friends that live in paradise that let me stay there for free, well mostly free, the midnight tickle fights cost a little….it was a great time and supreme opportunity and I’m glad I could live it up.

I look forward to the time Jake and Kara will be living in Australia, now that will be a good visit!

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