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Bear Hug

Last night I dreamt I went to a friend’s house that had a huge pet bear, like a full grown grizzly. The bear was super friendly and wanted to play with me, but the owner kept reminding me to not let him hug me because he would crush me. I tried to have fun with the bear but I was scared because he kept trying to give me a hug. I’m not really sure what the point was to the dream, just that bear hugs are dangerous.

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My nipples hurt

But I made it through. Yes friends, on Wednesday night I voluntarily put myself through one of the most grueling things I have ever done. I tested for Level 2 in Krav Maga. If you’ve spent anytime reading this blog or anytime talking to me in person you know that I take an Israeli form of martial arts called Krav Maga which translates to ‘Contact Combat’. I’ve been taking it for nearly 6 months and I have loved every minute of it. Every six months they test the students that they believe are ready to level up. This is no ordinary leveling up test that merely tests your knowledge, instead it is designed to wear you out and see if you can keep going. The test was nearly 5 hours long and it is basically non stop punching, kicking and physical activity. I knew that I would have no problem with the technical ‘knowledge’ side of it, but I wasn’t sure how well my body would perform. I’m glad to say I believe that I did pretty darn good. I won’t know if I passed for a few more days but throught the 5 intense hours I never stopped or gave up.

The morning after the test I woke up with a huge feeling of pride, confidence and accomplishment, something I did not expect. I woke up feeling like I could do just about anything! The feeling lasted nearly all day which was a definite high. I knew the day after I would be feeling stiff and sore and I was very sore but what I didn’t expect is that my nipples would hurt like crazy! Turns out punching, kicking and sweating for five hours make the end of my moobs sensitive! Regardless it was totally worth it and a complete blast. Once again I recommend everyone join Krav or at least come a take a trial class.

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