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TNT Pop Its turn me into a seven year old

Unfortunately for my sister she did not know that when she bought me a 3 pack full of tnt pop its. There is something so gratifying about those little white things when they hit the pavement and make a loud snap. They give off a small tension release like smashing plates or punching people in the nose. My sis and I took the nieces outside. I ripped open the box spewing sawdust and releasing pop its everywhere. BANG BANG BANG! Like baby birds crying to their momma for food, the nieces came running over with their hands open. “I want one I want one!”. The oldest (4 years old) had a little trouble getting them to pop until we told her to throw them down hard. The youngest (2 or 3ish, I don’t remember her age) couldn’t throw them down hard enough and she wasn’t even trying, instead she was trying to clap them in her hands. This made my sister nervous, but I told her after one of them popped in her hand she’d learn not to do that anymore. The thing about pop its is that they pop everywhere, which makes me happy and means I try to pop them off of people. I threw a couple at my sister which made her dance and squeal worse than a greased pig through a narrow fence. “You’d better not!” was her only reply. I finally got one to land on her ankle bone and pop. “Ow ow! See! It burned me!” My sister….always with the mellow drama when it comes to pain, it’s a wonder she ever pushed any kids out. I loved it, I laughed and snorted like a little kid chasing her around the yard trying to get them to pop on her. The kids had fun, but I’m pretty sure we had more fun than they did.

Thanks sis, bring on the pop its anytime!

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No matter how much teenage boys like video games there is always one thing that will grab their attention faster then a free pizza sign on top of a Pizza Hut.


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Get out of the way!

I am seriously considering getting one of these crazy loud horns for my little kia. Summer has just begun but I am already sick of punk-ass teenagers walking across the street when the cars have the right of way. What the hell is wrong with teenagers these days? Or if I don’t get one of these horns I’m thinking about inventing some contraption on my car where bars will swing out and konk these dumb teens in the back of the head as I zoom by. So irritating.

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Recording me

Pulling out my mini digital recording studio the other day I came across a gem (to me). I was in the mood to lay down some tasty grooves on this particular day but before I started I noticed that the memory of the recording unit was half full. I flipped through the tracks and most of them were funky rhythms and different sound checks, nothing spectacular. Then I clicked on song number three and was surprised to hear a complete finger style version of “Love Me Tender” that I had recorded. In addition there was also a mediocre freestyle solo that I recorded over top of the classic Elvis tune. I listened in amazement, not at my skillz but that I had no recollection of ever doing this! It is obviously my style of playing, but it was such a nice surprise. I came to the conclusion I must’ve been recording and practicing the song for Dave’s wedding which was over a year and a half ago. I was commissioned to play Love Me Tender during his communion and I needed to see how many times I would need to play it through in order to last through the bread breaking and wine drinking. Anyways it was a nice time capsule to dig up and to hear where I need improvement. If you want to hear the song listen to this. You should probably only listen to the first 45 seconds because after that I get a little off track and try to throw in a blues riff and some wrong notes that don’t really add to the sweet serene sounds. Regardless, it was a fun find.

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We’re all busy

I think about writing a lot but lately it just seems like I can’t find the time or don’t have a long enough time to sit and write something worth reading, but now that I have a few minutes you get this drivel! Following Tony’s lead I’ve been working several jobs. Partially to stay alive (that’s a good motivation) but also because I don’t want to just ’survive’ life and eek out a living, I’d really like to get ahead (whatever that means). Besides being a Realtor and doing all the crazy hours that job requires I am still delivering flyers for my company and I’ve also picked up another part time job at the company my mom has worked at for many years. It’s a little nutty working with her, but since she likes me she makes for a great co-worker. I’ve been enjoying the job, it pays well and as I found out today it has truly awesome benefits, which is great since as a Realtor I have to pay for my own. Between those three jobs, doing the Krav and making casseroles I’ve had hardly any time to blog. Sometimes I have funny thoughts but I never get around to posting them. Look at these funny pictures!

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Maybe someone should come to his door with a big check.

Oh how the mighty have fallen.

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