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Don’t know the name of that song?! Tap it out!

I think I’ve seen something like this before, but here it is again. I think I’ll bookmark it this time because sometimes there are old timey songs that creep into my head, but I don’t know the names of them. But if you know the melody you can tap it out on the space bar at this nifty website and it will try and guess what the heck you’re tapping! So far it has been 4 for 4 for me. It successfully recognized:
Jingle Bells
Super Mario Brothers Theme
The Star Spangled Banner
Sunshine of your Love by Cream

So Go To THIS website and give it a go, see what you think.

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Are we even living in reality anymore?

I just don’t know how much more Americans can take. Admist all the election stuff, economy stuff and bailout stuff Americans are finally waking up and seeing things aren’t quite right in our country, but how much more can we take before something or someone breaks? Not sure what I’m talking about? Take a look at this. I find this un-fingbelievable. It’s like they took the bailout money, flipped the taxpayers the bird and yelled out “suckers!” as they checked into the resort. No accountability, no integrity, no conscience.

How much more can we swallow?

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Look At My Chest!

Pretty nice eh? I bet you’re wondering “Where did he get pecs like that?” The answer, video games. I bet you’re also wondering “What is that crazy cool shirt he’s wearing and where can I find one?” I’m glad you asked, because today my friends, you are in luck. The design on my shirt was not created by evolution or throwing slices of pepperoni pizza at the wall, no, it was created by the exceedingly talented T Stout (The ‘T’ Stands for ‘Tyjudkinsly’) who is a nice guy with soft hands. You might be thinking ‘His stuff looks familiar, where have I seen it?’ and I would say…”oh I don’t know, maybe from a little band called Flight of The Conchords?” If you click that link you’ll see their album cover that big TY designed. All sorts of spiffy. Tyjud is a good friend and you can check out more of his work here and here. Now, back to my chest and the t-shirt. He doesn’t design t-shirts per se but some folks over at Oddica saw Ty’s obvious skill and called him up one day and said:

“we like what you do with the lines and colors and your ability to form them into shapes, we’d like to put some of that onto a t-shirt…what say you?”
Ty: “Ok.”

At least that’s how I imagine the conversation going. Anyway, you should head over to Oddica to check out their shirts and some of the other artists, they have some cool stuff there. In addition to my t-shirt order they gave me all sorts of free swag! Postcards, a sticker a cool envelope and even a button! I’m truly impressed, not only by my pecs and Oddica but at the work my friend has done. Way to go Ty!

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Cat Mosh Pit

heehee! I love it when she first opens the door :)

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Thanks for the clarification

A little over a month ago on my way home I noticed a house on the corner that had a sign attached to the front yard fence, it simply read “Free Stuff”. “Hmmmh” Is what I said to myself as I coasted by the sign. What does that mean? Are they telling me they have free stuff to give or share? Are they telling me there is free stuff ‘out there’ in the world, sorta like a Public Service Announcement? Are they trying to lure me and other curious people inside with promises of free stuff? What is their free stuff?! Is it like ‘free hugs’ or ‘free air inside’? If that’s the case I have loads of free stuff too!

I needed more information but I was too chicken to go knocking on someone’s door to inquire about such a vague sign. About a week later I had my answer when I drove by and saw a bunch of crap laying on the wet ground underneath the sign. “Oh, I see it’s just a bunch of shit…no wonder it’s free” I muttered as I drove by. I carried on and quickly forgot about the house and their ‘free stuff’. A couple weeks ago I was driving by again (it’s on my way home, I see this house a lot). The junk underneath the sign had been cleared out, but on the bottom of the sign the following had been added “Please do not leave <u>YOUR</u> stuff here.” It made me smile. The thought that someone saw the sign and unsure about it’s message (just as I was) took the initiative to gather up the stuff they didn’t want and put it under the sign. Genius. I wish I had thought of that because I have some free stuff aka ‘Trash’ that I need to get rid of.

Last night I noticed the house appeared to be vacant but the glorious sign still remains. I know the title of this post had to do with the ‘clarification’ of free stuff but in writing it, I just realized I never did find out what their free stuff was! What if it was something cool like pinball machines or a service like a free pedicure? I could use both. Now I’ll never know. Let this be a warning to you all to never pass up a free stuff sign, you might end up with a box of oranges or an adding machine! Awesome!

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31 till 31

  It was brought to my attention today that I’m 31 days away from being 31. Hmm. Kinda neat, except for the being ‘31′ part. That’s crapola.

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