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Krav L.A. Day - 0

Well I made it to LA in one piece. Everyone is right, the airport is huge even though I only saw a tiny little piece of it. Our plane was full to the brim and I was fortunate enough to sit between two nice ladies, at least they told me they were nice so I believed them. I brought my laptop in hopes of documenting a little bit of my experience here but to also have a little connection with the folks back home.

The airplane ride was uneventful, but I did get up to use the bathroom, mainly to remind myself how small that area is. When I came back from the lavatory (as they like to call it on aeroplanes) the nice lady to my right asked me why I was going to L.A. I told her it was either that or poking myself in the eye with a stick and L.A. seemed lightly less painful. Actually I told her my real mission down here and she feigned interest for a few minutes until she asked “Oooh, so is that like Karate or Taekwondo here you have little competitions and stuff?” I responded “Nooo…they don’t have competitions because Krav is the thing you use if someone was trying to rape you and you were beating them down with headbutts, elbows and knees.” She smiled and even though I was still talking she slowly pulled her book out to signal she had heard
enough. I was fine with that since I was tired of looking at the two-inch hair sticking straight out of the mole on her face. I almost asked her if I could pluck it, but I decided against it.

I de-planed, found my bags and then waited for the shuttle to take me to the rental place. I have never rented a car before so I was a little confused when they told me to go to section 6 and pick out any car I wanted. Not to sound stupid but as I walked out to the lot I wasn’t sure how I ‘picked’ a car. Should I stand next to it and wave my arms shouting “this one this one!”? Poke it? Pee on it? I thought that maybe a sales person would be right out to help me with my choice. I eventually found a black ford focus that looked decent and stood next to it. No one was really around and it wasn’t until a few minutes later that I saw another couple pick a car and all they did to pick it was get in it and drive away! OOOOOOOHHHHHhhh I didn’t have to pee on it after all(is what I thought). Sure enough all the cars had keys in them and you just had to drive the one you wanted to the gate.

Once in the car I drove away and onto the 405. The freeway was fairly slow so I didn’t have any scary moments driving in L.A. like everyone told me I could. Got to the hotel, checked in grabbed my key card, and get to my room to discover the door wide open but no one inside it. The bed is messed up and it looks like the maid is in the middle of cleaning it, but she is no where in sight. I mill around for a bit until she finally pops her head out of another room and says “20 MINUTES!” I was trying to be cool, but was annoyed since I was hungry, a bit tired and just wanted to drop my bags down so I could go to the super market. I eventually grabbed all my bags and made my way back to the lobby. The nice lady behind the counter gave me a cookie and fresh orange juice so that made me happy. Finally my room was ready and I was able to settle in.

I felt like relaxing and kicking my feet up but I grabbed my wallet and keys to venture back into the heart of L.A. to get some groceries and swing by the Krav place to see where it was located. After filling my cart full of fruits and and goodies I drove by the Krav center. I crossed behind the building off the main drag to see where the garage entrance was located. On an unsuspecting side street I decided I would park and go in real quick to get a feel for the place. I walked in and was amazed by what I saw. The place is TINY…they have 3 rooms and with the 3 rooms combined I think our Krav gym is still about 3x as big. Wow. The back room resembles a closet more than it does a Krav Maga gym in huge L.A. This is the room I am fairly certain we will spend most of our time. At least that’s what I was told.

I took it all in, walked out with my head held high feeling confident about the beast that I will begin to sl—-and WTF? I looked up the street to see a huge tow truck backed up to a black ford focus that look a lot like the car I picked only one hour earlier. I ran up to tow man and spewed disbelief. “How can my meter be out?! I’ve only been gone 9 minutes!!” The man said that wasn’t the problem, that I wasn’t allowed to park there. After much confusion and seeing the other side of the street lined with cars it was pointed out to me that there was TWO signs that apply to different times. Personally the whole thing is a crock of shit a $206 crock of shit, but hey you live and learn. I am much more thankful for catching him in the act rather then walking up and having my car be gone in a big city where I know the location of nothing. The man was nice in the fact that he admitted the rules and signs can be confusing and one has to be very careful and read both signs.

So hey….welcome to L.A. right?!

I’m here safe and sound, thinking about the hot tub and another one of those fresh cookies in the lobby.

Tomorrow it all begins…wish me luck!

Hope to give an update afterward!

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Push yourself

I love, looove this commercial. This perfectly captures the mental game that plays out in my own head when I workout. In the past the weaker side of me would win out and say “we’re definitely done, now let’s celebrate with some ice cream” Now with the big Krav horse breathing down my neck the stronger side of me usually wins out. In the past few weeks I would finish up a grueling stair climb workout and even though I was exhausted, at the end a little voice would come through “can you do 3 more sets? How ’bout 5 more?” I would convince myself that I could and push through. Now instead of only doing 10-15 I regularly do 25 sets and above. I’m not a big macho man I just like pushing myself. I especially need to beat down the weak side of me during the upcoming Krav week….

Anyways enjoy the ad. Push your own self in whatever you do. And to my friends running the marathon, you can do it!

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