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The misunderstood semicolon

Where were these types of English lessons when I was in school?! I think I would’ve been a better student if I had a teacher like this.

How to use; a semicolon. 

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Might have to clear this up

I just received this email from my dad:

“Mikayla (My 3 year old niece) was talking to me this morning and I thought she asked if Uncle Otto lived at my place and I said he had died. Your mother later told me that she was talking about Uncle Micah–so she might think you are dead–you better go visit her. Sorry about that, but it’s hard to understand her.”

Oh well, imagine her delight when she sees me again! I hope she’s not too shaken up about it, but at 3 years old it is nothing a little Barbie or Dora the Explorer couldn’t cure.

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