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I guess they’re like buttons

A few weeks back the whole family made the trek to the farm. It was warm and beautiful and a little crowded with all of us under one roof. One morning after showering I was in the bedroom getting dressed for the day. I had just finished putting my pants on (thankfully) when my 4-year old niece, who hasn’t fully grasped the concept of knocking, sauntered in. “I can see your nipples!” she exclaimed as she excitedly reached up and poked my left nipple. Feeling slightly embarrassed I thanked her for poking me and hurriedly put my shirt on. Without missing a beat she deadpanned “I can still see them” and reached up and poked them again. I don’t know what my sis is teaching this girl but she sure is fascinated with male nips….

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Hello my name is Karma….pleased to meet you.

This kinda crazy. Not sure if it’s a case of ‘what goes around comes around’ or someone seeking revenge. Either way sad on both accounts.

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Time for an update. But I’m at the farm. Maybe when I get back.

Dang Facebook stole my wind for awhile, but I need to get back on this beast.

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