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7 Things I forgot about the Krav Test

A small list of things I forgot:

1. I forgot just how tired the test makes you. I am dog tired today, fortunately I have time for a nap.

2. I forgot just how much you sweat. We’re talking sweat that is constantly streaming from your pores even when ‘resting’.

3. I forgot how much kicking takes it out of you. This is coming from a guy that does 1 hour kickboxing classes regularly!

4. I forgot how much it sucks to ‘hit the wall’ only 1.5 hours in and realizing you have another 2 1/2 hours to go! Fortunately a second wind was soon coming

5. I am amazed at how we’re able to push ourselves beyond what we think we’re able to do.

6. I forgot how good it feels to be done with the night and the instructor says “good job!”.

7. Oh how I forgot about the toll the test takes on my nipples. Stupid dry-fit shirts have rubbed me raw and left me bleeding. Sucks. Today I feel oozy. Gonna have to rig something up for them tonight.

Wish me luck!

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