Office Olympics

I am a gold medalist.

Instead of working, my co-worker Kelly and I devised a game to keep us entertained at work. You can play it as well, you might even have all the necessary equipment. You need:

A keyboard (if you’re reading this, chances are you have one in front of you)
A Black Pen w/o the cap (I suppose it can be blue…..if you must)

A Lint Roller (see pic below)

This game works best if your co-worker sits beside you. Place the lint roller on end somewhere between your keyboard and your co-worker’s keyboard. Next, place your black pen between the Functions Keys and your Numbered keys at the top of your keyboard. Make sure the ball point of your pen is hanging off the side of your keyboard, pointing at your coworker. The idea is to hit the end of the pen, causing it to flip up in lobbing ascension and land on the lint roller between you and your opponent (coworker). The coworker that gets the most hits wins. Sounds easy? Oh contraire! Now lets get to the real meat and pudding…..

After kicking Kelly’s ass for a few rounds I became weary of the game and said, “I bet you I can get my pen through the hole at the top.” (see picture above). “No way” was her response and the true challenge was on. My first flip of the pen sailed through the air with tremendous trajectory, but it was too fierce and didn’t hit the roller at all! But on my 2nd try I replaced and re-aimed the pen, checked the wind (a/c) and let ‘er rip (the pen that is). The pen flew through the air with delightful ease and much to Kelly’s chagrin, landed right through the middle of the hole, forming a perfect “T”! I guffawed loudly pumping my fist in the air, causing my boss to crane her neck around in her chair and give me the “WTF is the matter with you, we’re in an office here” look. Once I explained to my boss that this was important, everything was cool. Kelly tried, about 20 more times to recreate what I had accomplished, but it was not to be done. The only sad thing was that I didn’t actually bet anything, I just said, “I bet ______”. From now on I’m a betting man, I could’ve won a new car!

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