Hard to figure out

Some people you just can’t figure out. My boss is one of them. Now don’t get me wrong, she’s a good boss and lets me get away with stupid stuff all day long. Not only does she see me reading the ‘net or writing emails, sometimes she’ll turn around in her chair and I’m just sitting there. Not doing anything, looking at my keyboard like a drooling idiot. Or better yet, today she caught me and Kelly comparing our forearm bulge.

ME: (to Kelly)”….y’see, yeah, right there. You have to squeeze your forearm really tight
with your left hand and then make a fist with your right hand. See how it expands like that?”

KELLY: “Yeah, that’s cool, although mine doesn’t go up very much.”

ME: “That’s ok you just need to exercise them mor….oooh! It seems like my thumb
and pointer finger don’t matter, it’s all in the last three fingers, when I squeeze.”

KELLY: “Neat! Here let me…”
(The Boss interrupts us)
BOSS: “What are you guys doing?”

ME: “Looking at our forearm muscles, do you wanna try?”

That was today but it’s also par for the course. The beauty is that the boss just rolls her eyes and goes back to work, while we continue to play. So that’s the good stuff. But other than that I feel like she’s full of opposites and I never know what she wants.

For example she likes Clay Aiken, but hates Norah Jones, she likes Michael Bolton, but hates Michael Bubley. She love, love, loves TV just a bit too much and sometimes I think that’s all she ever wants to do, yet she talks how she always wants to get out and do stuff, or travel, or something! Yet she just sits and watches the boob tube. When I have to design a new ad I feel like I can never find the perfect mix for her. When I design something like I always do, she says “you need to be more creative” but when I spice up my designs she says, “you need to be more consistent” ACKKKKKKK!!! You’re driving me crazy! Seems she is always opposite no matter what I do. I know it sounds like I’m bitchin’ but I’m really not, she’s never mean, or jerkish, it just seems like pleasing her is unattainable, and I don’t know how to figure her out! *Sigh*

Just about the only thing that really bugs me is her uncanny ability to strike up a conversation with me about 2 minutes after I put my headphones on. I swear she’s got a freakin’ fish eye mirror clipped to her computer. For instance, I will sit there color correcting, scanning and actually working for two hours straight, all the while listening to Michael Bolton’s “How am I supposed to live w/o you?” and the epic “my heart will go on” being played on the radio for the 25th time. When finally my head grows numb and I start to convulse I put in my head phones to remedy my torment. I start grooving out and just when the guitar man is about to shred his fingers off, she’ll start talking to me about what she watched last night or what she ate, I really wouldn’t mind if it was work related but can’t she see I’m about to get my groove on?! So I’ll plop out my ear buds and converse for two minutes and then resume my song, and just when the solo is about to reach its climax she’ll say, “You wanna
hear something funny?” etc..etc.. In my head I’m screaming, “DAMMMMMNNIIIIT!! Are you serious? C’mon!”

Today I decided to really test my theory out. Everything had been silent for awhile so I put my headphones in with no music on.
Curiously, she didn’t vie for my attention. So I turned on the mp3 player, queued up my song and hit “pause”. I sat like that for two more minutes….nothing. Finally I hit the play button and began to enjoy some smooth sounds from Pink Martini. After the lengthy intro to the song the singer breaks in, “The sun has gone and Micah have y forgotten me, it’s heard about the dark outide I cannot MICAH!” Not surprisingly she’s asking me if I saw the latest Gilmore Girls last night.
HMPH. Honestly I just want to get through one song, just one song! Overall I can’t really complain, sometimes if we’re good
she brings us brownies and I like brownies.


  1. Anthony B. said,

    April 14, 2006 @ 7:46 am

    NOw, I am tyring hard to cut back on the ha ha’s but I really mean it…
    When you said that in your head you are screaming, COME UP…!! ARE YOU SERIOUS?
    That’s where I lost it laughing…
    The whole Michael Bolton thing totally reminds of OFfice Space once again…
    Just how many similarities are there between that movie and your life there at work?
    Shoot dude…
    I just looked at the time, and I have to be going..
    Going to meet with the Realator to sign papers accepting the offer..
    REad all about it on my latest post baby..
    K, ABC signing out..

  2. Phil said,

    April 14, 2006 @ 6:42 pm

    Micah likes Michael Bolten.

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