should be

Hey look, i’m writing this from my home at 8:23am on a Thursday! I should be at work right now, but I’m not, I’m writing this. Don’t you love oversleeping?! We should be allowed to oversleep everyday.

UPDATE: — So I compiled a small list as to why sleeping in totally rocks:

  1. You get more sleep (obviously)
  2. You have time to take a long shower
  3. You can preen yourself as long as Dave does every morning
  4. You can eat a full breakfast (I made myself some deliciously cheesy eggs with toast)
  5. You have time to write a morning blog entry
  6. If you sleep in late enough traffic is waaay better
  7. You can be uber-cool and back into your parking space (which I totally did today)
  8. Your boss might think its funny (mine actually did)
  9. Work is way shorter

From the list you can see my morning was much more enjoyable with extra time. Everyone would be happier with unexpected sleep.

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