My Daily Dose of Dumb

I don’t know why my tv is even on the E! channel but for the last two nights I have found myself watching the dumbest shows on TV. I…..I can’t stop watching the dumbness. Last night it was the Gastineau Girls which is just a show about nothing. If you had a show with just a white screen and no sound, it would have a better plot and budding protagonist than this show. It’s just duuuuummmmmbb, emphasis on the “umb”. The daughter Brittny was supposed to show up at a club and “spin” some records, i.e. do some DJ’ing, but she shows up and says, “I don’t want to” causing the club to scramble to fill in the hole. It’s just weird, these people have never lifted a finger in their lifetime and now they’re on tv. Pathetic bile. Tonight my TV was *still* on the E! and they were showing “Girls next door” which is an inside look at Hugh Hefner and his 3 girlfriends. These girls put the “du” in dumb. Damn, I didn’t know people could be so stupid. A few of these girls are so classically blonde is hurts. Constantly happy and peppy no matter what the situation brings. They talk about making cookies, going on the slip and slide and watching fireworks. Wow. I thought to myself, “Hef! How can you put up with such wasted space?! You can’t even talk to these girls!” But then I realized what they lack in mental stimulation they make up in…”other” stimulation. That’s when it dawned on me that unlike his girlfriends, double H is no dummy. He’s a an old man and he has scantily clad twenty something blondes prancing around him 24/7. That man is living the dream. Forget mental stimulation, he doesn’t need it, and I bet any other 70-something would agree. Ask your Grandpa.

But still…….so dumb!


  1. Anthony B. said,

    April 21, 2006 @ 4:43 am

    Dude, I dont’ think that I have heard of the “E” channel?
    What does E stand for?
    Dude, please forgive for me not staying on top of the micah the great Posts…
    I have been starting to learn the sql language and have been fairly consumed at trying make a good go of it right at the beginnning…
    Please let there be forgiveness for my many trangressions…
    K, I shall return ..

  2. Billy said,

    April 21, 2006 @ 10:16 am

    Isn’t it “E!” with an exclamation point?

    BTW, stop watching E!.

  3. normaljean said,

    April 22, 2006 @ 11:42 am

    No doubt Micah, definitely stop watching E!. You know, I try to tell you to come over and watch amazing programming that won’t rot your brain (ie. Doctor Who - which is actually brain fuel) but nooooo…. you never wanna do that. :P

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