I finally checked out Phil’s new pad last night. He lives right off of NW 23rd so I suppose now I have to see him more. He lives
in this really weird house with three stories, that is more long than it is wide, hard to describe, so if you really want to see it I suggest you invite yourself over to his house, his is the one with two blue doors. Too vague of directions? That’s about as good as they get coming from Phil. The coolest reason to visit Phil is not so much for him, but for his roomate’s 9ft screen used for video games and movies! It has awesome quality and is just way fun to play on. We played NBA Street Vol. 3 and it was mostly fun except for when Phil cheated, which is 93% of the time. After some healthy video games we all decided to go get some food (the big K-dog was with us). Being so close to 23rd we walked to Mcmeniman’s (not Ram’s Head the other one) and had some IPA with a cheeseburger and fries. I drank most of the beer on an empty stomach so the food tasted extra good as I was wolfing it down. PLUS! Since Phil is crazy rich he decided to pay for everything. (I think he was just trying to impress Karin). Thanks Phil! After dinner we needed some delicious treats to push our food down. We decided upon Gelato’s, Gephatto, Gelmphatto’?? I don’t know, but it’s a small ice cream shop on 23rd that serves English Ice Cream, so it’s ice cream with an accent. It was good, really smushy, but good. On the way back we hit Music Millenium, and Phil actually didn’t buy anything! I got a hard to find Ray Charles CD and we were on the way home.

After home-running Phil to death with Baseball we decided to watch The Chappelle Show. Goooood stuff. I’ve only seen a few skits of his stuff, but this was good stuff. Not for the easily offended. The best of the night was probably the Black, White Supremacist. A blind black man who thought he was white and hated blacks. Messed up? Yes. But funny.

This morning I was playing around with Winamp trying to change some settings and in the File Menu I noticed “Internet TV”. I clicked on it and to my delight a bunch of stations were available to watch. Arrested Development, Home Movies, Scrubs, Simpsons, Futurama, Family Guy, and even the Chappelle show! I haven’t got very much done today b/c this gem buried in my computer has had me sidetracked half the day! Awesome!

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