Time for an update

I can’t believe it’s been a month since I last wrote. I know I always get pegged as ‘never updating’ but dang this month has been one roller coaster ride of good and bad. The month started out on a good note, but it’s hard to believe that it was less than a month ago! 4th of July feels like it happened months ago. The 4th was good. Me, Dave, Phil, and Kar all went down to the waterfront to see the fireworks. Afterwards we made our way home to set off our own. As most Oregonians can tell you we have super sucky fireworks here, so we find it necessary to make the ones we buy much better. It had been years since Dave and I had done one of our ‘tank wars’ so we thought it would be wise to bring back the tradition, and what better way than to add Phil and Karin to the mix as well. So after the big show we spent about a half an hour in my room taping, cutting and attaching things to our tanks. For some reason Dave aka “unsteady Eddie” found it necessary to do all of his tank work on my bed, even though I asked him not to. Sure enough a few minutes into the splicing of fireworks I saw Dave wiping something off of my bed sheet with the warning, “you might not want to light a match in here for awhile”. Old man Phil agreed….so now my room is officially booby-trapped. We took our explosive concoctions outside and put them in a circle in the middle of the street, and lit ‘em up. It was great, so much unpredictability! Crackle balls, whistling petes and ground bloom flowers all going off at once! At one point someone’s tank took flight and landed ten feet away! It was great. The middle of our mini battlefield was so hot that during one of the fire fights Dave’s tank was completely - 100% obliterated. Not even ashes left. The fire also burned the rubber tires of our assault vehicles into the pavement, that was cool.

During most of my free time of this month I spent it practicing the guitar. I had to play in a friend’s wedding and I was really wanting to be prepared for it. The Wednesday before the wedding I awoke to a phone call from my mother, and I instantly knew that something was wrong. Early that morning my grandmother had passed away. Mom was really upset, this was her *real* mother that she had met about 14 years ago. It really, really sucked and bummed me out. The Saturday of the week I went and played at Nicole’s wedding and it really went off without a hitch! The wedding was beautiful with a live band and huge dance floor and yummy food. Plus I got to see a bunch of people that were such a part of my life just 4 or 5 years ago. It was such a good emotional time. Then early the next morning I got up and caught a plane to Spokane with my sis and niece. Monday was the funeral which was really sad and hard, and a few hours after the funeral I took the plane back to home. During the plane ride home I heard the little girl behind me tell her mom, “I don’t want to invite any fat people to my party, I don’t like them.” Which made me and the passenger next to me shake our heads in bewilderment. I instantly hoped that the lil’ girl would be fat when she grew up.

I was home only two days before I had to leave again. During those two days I was in a crazy funk not only b/c of all the ups and downs, but also b/c my fav co-worker was leaving. It really sucked b/c he added alot of comic relief to my job and made the day go by so much faster. The last day I was going to work that week was Wednesday so we went out for lunch to Fire on the Mountain. It’s right on Interstate near the Alibi. Anyways it’s a hip place that serves buffalo wings. When you walk in they have all of their hot sauces out for you try. My soon to be ex-coworker grabbed a celery stick and dipped it in some sauce. Right before he popped it into his mouth the waitress warned him that, that was their hottest sauce. I urged him that it probably wouldn’t be that hot and so in it went. Within about 7 seconds he was frantically reaching for his wallet trying to pull out some money to pay for an ice tea or something sweet. It was hot. I know I have a taste for hot, but fear not if you do not! The food there is excellent! We all ended up ordering the Jamaican Jerk sandwich which was super yummy, and for $1.00 more you can get your fries to be sweet potato style. We all wanted to try the fried pickles and fried twinkies, b/c quite frankly they sound awesome, but we ran out of time and space in our bellies so I want to go back, if anyone goes there or wants to go, tell me, I’ll go.

After the two measly days of work on Thursday of last week I drove to Idaho. It was sooo crazy hot the day we decided to drive up, in Lewiston Idaho which is made of desert and hot rock it was 108 degrees, yes really. When we got to Idaho Dad worked my ass off for a day and a half digging holes (through gravel and rock no less) for fence posts. I was on my knees with an pick-axe swinging it into the ground. We started at 7am and by 9:30am my body was aching, so we broke out the Mike’s. Seems like an alcoholic thing to drink before noon, but woooweee I needed it. Later that day I had the joy of manning the post-driver. For all you non-farmers out there I shall explain. The post driver is a 40lb iron tube that has two handles attached to the side of it. It’s hollow with an opening on one end. You slip the opening over your post and with all your might you fling the driver down against the post. Sounds like fun right!?! The best part is that you’re driving metal against metal so every time the driver hits the post it jars your whole body, especially your hands. That was a week ago and my hands still hurt. The real reason we went to Idaho was to celebrate my last remaining G-ma’s 80th birthday party. It was good and mostly fun. Sunday morn we packed up and came home.

So now here I am, I feel like I’ve been through the ringer, this month has been super happy and extremely sad in parts, I just want things to be cool now. But life is never ‘just cool’ it always changes or pisses you off or makes you happy. I feel like I need a change, I don’t know of what, seems silly to say since in one month, so much has changed.

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