When my family used to live in Idaho we went to the Luthern church. I don’t think it was because we were specifically die hard
Luthern’s, it was just one of the few churches in town. Growing up I didn’t know much about Martin Luther. The only Martin Luther I knew about was the of the “King Jr.” variety, and so naturally I believed he was the one that founded the Luthern church. This fact was confirmed in my head when at the age of seven at a Sunday night service we watched a documentary on Martin Luther King Jr.’s life and the civil rights movement. You can understand the confusion I had when I found out my grandma wasn’t very fond of black people, I thought it was odd that she would be attending a church founded by a black man. Fortunately the confusion was mostly cleared up a few years later when my dad tried to explain to me that King Jr. had nothing to do with our church. I remember asking why he was named Martin Luther if he didn’t have anything to do with it, he told me that was just his name. I thought it was strange that someone would name their kid the exact same name as someone else. I also asked him if he (MLK) was a Luthern since it was also his name, my dad didn’t know. Even though my dad did his best clearing my head I secretly held onto the belief that MLK did indeed have something to do with the beginning of our church.

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