Me, Jake and Phil went to see Steve Vai at the Roseland on Sunday night. I must admit that I was only kinda excited to see him, but it turned out to be really good. That boy can play….and play and play. He played for nearly 3 hours straight! We all walked out like a bunch of old men after standing for 5 hours straight..pleh! One thing that I never realized is that he is such a ham, winking and bobbing his head like a dork! It’s funny and nerdy all in one. Vai’s whole band was really tight. It was awesome to see Tony McAlpine (sp?) doing his thing. He is also funny to watch b/c much like Tony C. and Jasper’s Tony he is a white man trapped in a black man’s body. In fact Mcalpine’s fingers remind me of Tony C’s fingers except his move much much faster. Mcalpine is up there playing the keyboard with one hand and the guitar with another and he can shred awesomely along with Vai, it’s really a site to see. Vai enjoyed mixing things up with the other members, by either having the bass player hold his guitar while Vai would play his guitar with only his left hand and pick the strings of the bass with his right hand….all in time! The most impressive was when Vai got behind the bass player and he (Vai) reached around and started playing the bass part, and the bassist reached behind him and played the guitar part on Vai’s guitar…..very impressive.

I like going to concerts but I always get a weird feeling during most of them. The feeling that I’m going to kick somebody’s A hardcore. I try to be cool but you cram 300 people in a small venue and give them alchohol and things can get ugly. (Just ask my Dad about the fight that broke out during the Reverand Horton Heat concert)….Anyways, for the most part things stayed cool, when Vai took the stage alot of people tried to push their way to the front, but I stuck my elbows out and wouldn’t let them through. It probably helped considering I was standing almost directly behind the blonde 6′8″ giant…grrr.. what is it with some of the tallest people standing right near the front?! Luckily he moved to the side of me and I could see for the most part.
Things were cool until the very end of the concert. Vai was on his last song and all of a sudden some middle age, balding guy rammed his way near the front, making bowling pins out of everyone. He bashed into the guy and his girlfriend directly in front of me, but the bashee would have none of it, so he shoved him back, and the basher kept pushing through. Jake and I both thought it was going to come to blows when the guy who got bashed grabbed the basher by the shoulders and sorta jerked him back yelling something in his ears…and then!!!! Everyone was cool. Gay. Why are people such A-holes? I’m kinda waiting for the day when someone is going to do that and I’ll turn around with my elbow in their nose. :)

At least Jake caught one of Steve’s picks!

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