Hot Choco 4 to 2

Karin loves hot chocolate and she is always on the lookout for it. If it was her choice she would drink it and nothing else. The curious thing about her obsession is that she doesn’t even know how to make it correctly. I have long tried to show her how to do it the right way but she won’t listen. I was reminded of her weirdness as my co-worker Hector and I walked to the break room to whip up some hot chocolate this morning. I proceeded to open a pack, dump it in the bottom of my cup and stir the hot water in over top of it. He (and this is Karin’s way) filled the cup full of hot water and poured the whole pack of dry choco powder on top of the water mixing it together in a clumpy, mucky mess. We began to argue that our own respective way(s) was the way to do it. We approached several co-workers and as it turns out I’m right!At our office it was unanimous that you put the dry in first and stir in the liquid. Hector wouldn’t still wouldn’t be outdone so he got a pack and read the back…..and I’m still right.

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