Injustice at Guitar Center

Guitar Jake played in the Semi-finals of Guitarmaggedon this week. We all knew that the competition would be stiff so all of us were excited. Jake was second which I thought was the perfect position. The first guy, about 40 years old did real good. He looked mighty relaxed and a little geeky which was successful in embarressing his teenage daughter. Jake got up there and started with a real nice melody. He did such a good job of creating a climax in the song with little previews of what was to come. The last half of the song it happened, someone pushed the accelerator on Jake’s fingers. It was amazing. Jake and I have been playing guitar together for 10 years and honestly, I have never seen him play like this. It was killer. I literally had chills going up and down my spine. A competitor (Jason) from three weeks ago that advanced along side Jake was sitting near the stage getting ready to play. While Jake was playing the slow pretty melody near the beginning of the song Jason was smiling and bobbin’ his head to the music. When Jake started to rip it up non-stop near the end of the song, Jason’s smile quickly fell off of his face. That said it all. It was the ‘oh sh*t, I might as well pack my bags’ face. Priceless. Jake absolutely nailed it! The rest of the field was ‘pretty good’. Jason did real good, but I thought that Jake did better. We waited anxiously for the results……”And the winner is….SCOTT!”


Oh yes the guy that went last. A guy that wore a cool shirt and played the blues, but always played the same thing over and over throughout the whole song. wow. Great job. Really showing his diversity. Scott did have a great stage prescence, but honestly were the judges high? Jake, Jason nearly everyone did better than Scott (imo) but what do I know? Lame.

Tony even did better than Scott. Tony was also blind and mentally disabled (autism??). They laid the guitar down flat in front of him and he played it like that, it was really something else. It dawned on me that I have actually seen Tony play the guitar before. I used to work at Riff’s guitar shop and I remember this mentally disabled kid coming in and laying the guitar on his lap and playing the blues like none other. It was crazy.

So congrats to Jake we know who really won.

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  1. Phil said,

    September 28, 2006 @ 10:42 pm

    GRRRR!!!! I hate guitar center! IT’s the great satan. Injustice I tells you!! Jake rocked our freakin’ socks off.

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