I’m moving to Malaysia

I saw an Oprah show the other day that took a look at 30 yr. old women around the world, and how their lives differed from ours. All I can say is wow! You thought America was the place to be?! Not always. For instance in Kuwait, almost everyone is rich. Even the “poor” have servants and maids. In Kuwait the government pays for ALL of your schooling through college. The main college there is very competitive, 67% of people that graduate are women. Most women there are *very* trendy b/c they have so much money. No matter who you are old, young, poor, or rich when you get married the government gives you $12,000 as a wedding gift! There’s also free health care. In Malaysia I think they too have free health care to anyone. An average 30 yr. old woman makes about $2,000 a month, BUT the rent for a nice 3 bedroom 2 bath apartment is only $250! So there is alot of money left over for shopping and working out. I think it was Malaysia or Brazil where the number one concern for most women was to have a nice body, and there are alot of them. In contrast a 30 yr. old famous dancer in cuba makes just as much as a doctor does in their country. An extremely nice apartment is expensive and is only one bedroom big. Most people live in shantys. The divorce rate is over 60% and it only takes 5 minutes and costs about $3.50. Crazy eh?! Or I might move to Europe where the gal to guy ratio is 4 to 1!! And most guys have 4-5 women constantly persuing him. I’d just make sure it’s a country that believes in armpit shaving and teeth brushing :)

I can hear the beach boys now “4 girls for every boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooy!”

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