I just got back from Lapine where I was visiting the parents. It was an awesome time, real mellow, lots of fun. My cute mother still gets all teary eyed when she has to say goodbye. :) I almost didn’t make the trip though. The night before I was supposed to leave I started to feel kin of junky. I thought I was going to throwup, but an alkaselzer took care of that. My stomach felt better but late that night I had to ‘run’ to the bathroom b/c I had the green apple splatters worse then I’ve ever had ‘em in my life. I went and I went and I went. Every hour during the night I’d wake up needing to run to the bathroom. At one point about 3am I sprang up from bed and ran to my bedroom door, when I reached the door I half-way passed out careening sideways into my desk. I hung onto the doorknob trying to not actually fall flat on my back. The trips to the bathroom continued all night and into the morning. I slept in until 10am and I thought that I was actually better, that is until a fart in my pants turned into so much more. Unfortunately the runs continued ALL DAY LONG! I didn’t even “feel” sick, just every half an hour I had to run to the bathroom. Finally I made Cindy go to the store and get me some diarrhea medicine. I took two and a few hours later it still hadn’t made a difference. I even took a bunch of charcoal tablets. Fortunately about 30 minutes before i had to get on the bus I felt like the meds were stopping me up. I made the trip w/o incident. Whew.

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