Just like old times

Tony came over last night and he brought over “I, robot” so me, kar and he could watch it. Right as we enter my room he lays down on my bed and says “I’m just going to lay here for a minute”. Within 5 minutes he was out cold and Karin and I were being serenaded to the sawing snores of Tony sleeping. He slept for all but the last 2 minutes of the 2 hour movie. Its as if his body sensed the end and woke up. This is mostly funny if you know Tony. He used to come over at about 10pm at night all excited to hang out, but within 30 minutes to an hour he’d sound asleep. I’d go to bed and around 2am or so Tony would get up, drive home and go to bed. Michelle told me when he used to do this at her house she’d turn off all the lights, the tv…everything so that it was completely quiet. Within 15 minutes he’d wake up saying, “what’s going on? what’s happening, who’s there?” Aaaah Tony, you’re almost a daddy and you still fall asleep at everyone else’s house.

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