Dime is dead.

You may have heard about a shooting in Ohio last night. It took place at a concert and at least one of the band members was killed. To most of my friends the band and person killed will draw a question mark, but to Jake, Phil, and I it hit a little harder. “Dimebag” Daryll was shot 4 times at point-blank range as he played onstage with his band Damageplan. It’s just so crazy. A guy ran onto stage right after the concert started and killed him! Right in front of everyone. The police later stormed in and shot the killer, so now we have no idea why someone would do this. It’s so tragic b/c Dimebag wasn’t my favorite guitarist but he was CRAZY good, and created some of the baddest riffs on guitar. Pantera (his former band) will go down as one of the heaviest/baddest bands. It’s weird to think that we’ll never hear another note from him. Now they’ll feel us up even more when we go to conerts. I can’t believe they didn’t have any security like that at this concert all….tragic tragic….It just pisses me off that people are so crazy/delusioned/messed up….grrrr….

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