Big Money, No Whammys!

I don’t know how it came up but today all of my workmates and I started talking about Jeopardy! and what a good show it is. I don’t make a habit of watching it but I think ever since my childhood I’ve enjoyed watching it. I know my sister goes crazy for it, even if she always shouts out the wrong answers. In fact I don’t personally know anyone that doesn’t like it. BTW if you’re a fan, check out this link, it has the last 22 seasons of Jeopardy! archived. This reminds me, did you know that the show existed before Alex Trebek?! Ridiculous you say? No, it’s true and if that would’ve been a Final Jeopardy! answer I would’ve gotten it wrong. The show used to be hosted by Art Fleming way back in the day. Who the hell is Art Fleming? I don’t know but he was before Alex.

The Jeopardy! conversation led into more discussion about game shows until we came across what can be easily billed as, “The Best Game Show Ever”. Does anyone care to take a guess as to what show that is? Anyone? Anyone? Nope, not ‘Millionaire’, not ‘The Wheel of Fortune’, sorry ‘Let’s Make a Deal’ is wrong. The only show that can live up to such a grandiose title is ‘The Price is Right’. Seriously. How can anyone disagree? Co-worker and I were horrified to hear that everyone else in the office hates that show! They didn’t just find the show annoying, they actually had ill feelings towards Bob Barker and the show. I’m not sure how this is possible but it goes to show that there are some truly vile people that walk amongst us. Most people my age owe their love of The Price is Right to one person, their grandma and I am no different. As a kid I used to get excited when I’d hear those words, “Come on down!” and the camera would frantically pan left and right looking for the ‘lucky contestant’. Oh how I would dream that one day I would hear those words with my name. TPIR is the most exciting game show because it is never the same! One minute a contestant can be guessing whether the price is higher or lower, and the next minute they’re sliding wafers down a large slanted dowled board (plunko…my fav!) And what about the prizes? New cars, bbq’s, chest of drawers, washers and dryers you name it, it’s probably been featured on the show. I think Bob Barker is making some calls to pull in those kind of prizes for contestants across America. Even to this day I still dream about being able to spin that giant money wheel. Although as a tyke I was scared that I’d get sucked underneath the wheel and the delightful boop boop boop of the wheel would slow to a crawl as my little arms tangled beneath the behemoth. I always get a kick out of watching people trying to guess the price of the initial items to get on the show. And I never understood this “$1″ bid. Nothing screams “I’m an idiot that can’t even take an educated guess so I’ll just piggyback on someone else’s” like bidding one dollar. I just don’t get it. Really the way to rake in the dough is the showcases at the end. What a way to go out with a bang. You could either lose it all or even win both showcases! Just the word ’showcase’ screams fun. I think we should include that word more often in our day to day conversations. As a matter of fact, tonight I’m going to showcase my ping pong skills for Dave and Phil. They hate that…..anyways my point is The Price is Right rocks and I hope Bob Barker lives forever b/c he’s already 83 and I have never been on the show. If Bob dies, the show dies and I will never get to spin the big wheel.


  1. Anthony said,

    July 27, 2006 @ 8:18 pm


  2. Phil said,

    July 27, 2006 @ 9:01 pm

    Price is Right is the best gameshow ever! I get tired of beating those shlubs on Jeopardy! and wheel of fortune, I would’ve won the jackpot on wheel last night. Before and After:
    -f Fam-

    of Fame

    People! COme on!

  3. Phil said,

    July 27, 2006 @ 9:02 pm

    It’s plinko you jerk.

  4. normaljean said,

    July 28, 2006 @ 10:57 am

    I’m Bob Barker reminding you to help control the human, er, pet population – spay and neuter your children, er, pets today!

    I always wanted to be one of Bob’s ladies when i was a little girl.

    Another great gameshow was Lets Make A Deal. Everyone got to wear costumes! And i could never understand how winning the donkey was actually losing? I would have LOVED to win the donkey! ;)

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