Finally it happened! Kinda.

So I went to an All Hallow’s Eve party the other night and while I was stuffing my face full of nacho cheese and meatballs I looked up and suddenly realized it was happening to me. After all this time spent waiting, wondering how or if I could ever be a part of one, here I was. I was finally at a Myspace party. What you ask? Let me explain. When I first joined the social networking phenomenon known as myspace I quickly realized there was a part of living and socializing that I had completely missed out on. Maybe it was the fact I attended a Quaker college or spent most evenings in my room playing video games and doing handstands, who knows….but as I clicked through random profiles my eyes were filled with images of women dressed as sexy maids, nurses, angels/demons basically everything! Even sexy nerds! Impossible you say? Not at these parties. I’m not a huge partier but I’ve been to a few in my day and none of them ever had this element to them. So I had to wonder to myself, ‘where are all these myspace parties taking place?’ and ‘why am I not invited?’. Well call your momma! The case has been solved and at the tender age of 28 I have tasted the sweet nectar of a myspace party.

They all take place in Vancouver, Washington! And now it all makes sense. Vancouver is such a sleepy little place and it is the perfect place to hide one of these parties. I never go to Vancouver unless I’m in the mood for stepping in horse poo, so it makes sense that I haven’t been to one of these. The party was fun, I wasn’t into dressing up so I just threw on my RC Cola shirt and claimed that I was a hunky delivery driver, and y’know as the night wore on and the alcohol slowly replaced the blood in people’s veins, it worked, people believed me! YES! Unfortunately the host of the party drank a little too much and had to drive her BUUUUUUick to that great white porcelain throne.

I was thinking about it today and when did Halloween become a holiday for adult women to dress up as everything sexy? It is the day where they can safely wear the least amount of clothing and not look out of place. Weirdness. So here the costumes of the night in no particular order of sexiness:

A sexy playboy bunny

A sexy pirate with pink and black stripes

A sexy Maid

A sexy Angel

A sexy Lil’ Red Riding Hood

A sexy Girl in a leather mini skirt –don’t really know what she was supposed to ‘be’

A sexy tinkerbell

A sexy construction Worker

A sexy Princess Toadstool

Next year I’m going as a sexy web developer!! Huzzah!


  1. Phil said,

    October 30, 2006 @ 10:06 pm

    That’s right, cause you have to pretend to be a sexy web developer! That’s my day job! I still think the myspace party is a falsehood cooked up by Tom and his myspace cronies.

  2. mego said,

    October 31, 2006 @ 1:13 pm

    i think sexy web developer is an oxymoron!

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