Sat. night is alright for bluesin’

Saturday night Phil and I went to see Buddy Guy play at the Roseland. For those of you who don’t know he’s an old blues musician. I’ve been trying to see some of the blues greats before they die, and he’s one of the last ones on my list. We didn’t get there as early as we usually do for shows, but it was fine since we were able to get right up to the front of the stage. We were able to stand in the second row, which is good b/c I’m a bit of a shorty (hold your jokes until the end of the story).
But actually I don’t think I’m *that* short, its just that most of my friends are tall. If there were a list of all the men in the world with their height listed, my name would be right in the middle. Regardless, Curtis Salgado opened up the concert with some good ol’ fashioned blues and me and Phil began our rocking.

During the course of the opening songs the crowd shifted a bit and Phil got squeezed away from me. “No problem” I thought, I can handle myself. I was doing good until the guy on the right side of me started stomping his foot to the bluesy beats and in his exuberance got carried away and stomped on my foot. Annoyed, I looked over at him, only to discover I was eye level with his elbow. Luckily he felt my death stare on his elbow and began knee-slap-stopming with the other foot. My annoyance was quickly diverted when the lady on my left side began “wooing” uncontrollably at the beginning of one of Salgado’s hits.


I turned to my left to catch a glimpse of this evil woooer when once again I found myself staring at another elbow. This lady was HUGE. Broad shoulders, long legs and a hairdo straight out of the 80’s…bangs and all. Wooo indeed. I wanted to tap her shoulder to ask if she entered a time warp before coming to the concert, but I couldn’t reach that high. Phil later thought aloud that maybe “she” was really a “he” but I disagreed. If she was a he, he was a really pretty man and had his nuts in a knot, but most likely she was blessed with the physique of a linebacker. Nevertheless, I stood silently in the shadow of the colossi trying my best to enjoy the opening band, but between Stompy McStomp on my right and the Woo Queen on my left it was difficult.

During the break I made Phil switch with me b/c I could no longer see very well, and I was sick of feeling like a dwarf standing between two mammoth trees. But just as the roadies were taking the stage to setup for Buddy Guy the trees disappeared, leaving a huge hole in the crowd that was quickly filled with bodies like water over a sponge. Buddy Guy came on and it was oh so nice. I forgot how high he can sing, and he has a really beautiful smile that lights up his face. And for a 69 year old he can still play pretty darn good.

The concert moved forth and so did the middle-age drunk people. A lady and her son were standing next to me and it was obvious this lady was drunk. She kept telling her son over and over again that she was going to get one of Buddy Guy’s guitar picks, no matter what. As the concert progressed this lady began talking more and more with her friend and son. At one point a person in front of her told her to be quiet and the drunk lady and her friend began making fun of the person that ’shushed’ them. What a grand display of maturity coming from two women in their 40’s. My heart almost filled with glee when the uber-drunk guy behind me tried to push his way to the front of the stage through me and her. I braced myself against the stage and pushed off like a diver going into the water, effectively sending him backwards. She began mouthing off to him diverting his anger from me to her. He sent some choice words back to her and I thought I was going to have front row tickets to two drunk idiots going at it, but alas it was not to be. Near the end of the concert Buddy made his way onto the floor playing and singing while the crowd was all around him. Stupid drunk lady saw this as her prime opportunity to get one of his coveted guitar picks. She made a b-line to him, interrupted him while he was playing and singing and asked him for a pick. She then kissed him on the cheek and took a picture of him and her, all while he’s trying to play a concert. That right there was the height of my annoyance, her son thought is was hillarious, but frankly I’d be morbidly embarressed if my mom ever acted like that in public.

Despite all the annoying drunk people I’m still glad I went. Buddy put on a great concert and showed that he’s still got it. Afterwards Phil and I decided that drunk people are more annoying than punk teenagers at concerts, at least you can expect to get pushed and stomped on with teenagers around. I also believe they should impose a size limit near the front of the stage. All they would need to do is draw two lines; if you’re taller than this line —-> | stand behind this line —–> _ . Done! That way it’d save us shorty’s from feeling the collosi giants breathing on top of our heads.

Speaking of Collosi, Phil brought over Shadow of the Collosus this weekend for me to play and it is seriously awesome. (Just look at the pic and you’ll see) The whole goal of the game is to fight different humongous giants and bring them down. I love the sheer enormity of the giants, in real life they would be 200-300 feet tall!! It makes for a daunting task, but it’s alot of fun. I only wish I had a sword to slay the giants at the concert and the drunk lady, that would’ve made the night primo.


  1. Phil said,

    February 20, 2006 @ 8:20 pm

    That was a dude. You were blinded by her beer goggles (Somehow). For once, Micah and I were the most mature ones in the room…

  2. mego said,

    February 21, 2006 @ 11:07 am

    in reference to phil’s comment- that’s hard to believe.

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