Since when can the weatherman predict the weather? Let alone the future.

There was a stint in my childhood and another stint in my early adulthood where I sincerely wanted to be a weatherman. I loved looking at the different types of clouds and often found myself watching the news just so I could hear about the weather. As I got older I realized being a weatherman is probably the bestest job ever! Name one other job where you can be totally wrong, and totally goof up and still come away employed? Besides NBA superstars and movie stars I can think of none. I can’t imagine being part of a large firm, walking into the boardroom and spouting off a bunch of information as fact and then the next day everything you stated is worthless, and everyone knows it. This is what weathermen do and they never get in trouble. Last week all we heard about was how cold it was going to be and how much snow and freezing rain we were going to get. After all the hype all we got was a skiff of snow. Whooopie. Today I woke up early for an appointment and as I lay there I heard the radio announcer, “….and clackamas schools are close, and corbett schools are closed…” I was confused so I peered outside and what did my eyes behold?

A winter wonderland that wasn’t even reported! Stupid weathermen! A little heads up next time fellas….please?

The sad thing is I had four different buyers that wanted to see houses today and now I had to cancel all of them. I’m just hoping it will be clear tomorrow.

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  1. mego said,

    January 16, 2007 @ 1:42 pm

    the snow is totally cool. we had fun playing in it!

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