I’m a bit sad right now. I was reading my High School Alumni paper and I was surprised to see something about a Colleen Richmond passing away. I had a professor at GFU with the same name, but I didn’t think it was the same person. Sadly, I visited my alma mater’s website, typed in her name and sure enough she died back in January. I didn’t even know she as sick!

I had two classes with Colleen, both of them English/Lit classes. I can honestly say that both classes were very enjoyable. She made the text interesting and her excitement fueled my excitement. I enjoyed her because she always had a knowing smirk on her face, whether she was busy teaching or just walking through campus, she seemed to enjoy life. I didn’t mind writing papers for her class because I knew she really read them, her comments were usually encouraging or funny and her grading was fairly nice. Thinking back, I recall meeting several important people in her class that influenced my life, one of them being my dear friend Jasper. Crazy where we meet people and how they influence us whether they’re a teacher or a friend. I’m sad that Colleen has gone, but I can’t be too sad because she’s probably out there somewhere, with her ever present smirk, enjoying the afterlife.

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