Joss Stone and Fire

Friday night I went out and saw the continually beautiful Joss Stone in concert. If you don’t know who she is, I feel sad for you. At the tender age of 20 she has already sold 10 million records. She burst onto the scene four years ago when she was only 16. I remember I went to visit my dad and he put on her cd. From the speakers came a wailing and soulful sound my ears delighted to. He asked me, “what do you think?” I told him it sounded like a big black woman along the lines of Etta James or Ella Fitzgerald. You can imagine my surprise when he showed me the CD Jacket and on it was a young blonde girl from London which goes to show you can’t judge a book by it’s cover nor a CD by it’s jacket. Since then Joss has been growing in popularity in R&B and mainstream circles. She has yet to sell out stadiums but she had no problem selling out the Crystal Ballroom on Friday night. She draws everyone, the place was packed with all ages. Gray heads down to shaved heads filled the dance hall.

I love going to concerts but I have a knee jerk reaction against all opening bands, I feel they have to work extra hard to prove themselves to me. Twice now I have been to the Crystal Ballroom where the opening bands were nothing short of awesome. This was the second time. Ryan Shaw was the opener and he was rockin’. An awesome singer and a strong support group got the crowd’s hips and bodies moving. It was nothing exceptionally fancy, just good ol’ rockin’ R&B.

Joss came on and delighted the crowd with her laid back, almost shy personality. She wasn’t overly flashy or full of herself, she just immerses herself into her music and sings her heart out. The sad thing about her set was that it was only about 70 minutes long, but since every song relies solely on her voice you could tell near the end that her voice was starting to get raspy and give out. Regardless it was a great time for me and my pop. He bobbed around with the rest of the people but I’m glad he didn’t move around like the two ‘interperative dance’ girls in front of me. They waived their arms around like spaghetti noodles at an italian wedding. Those types of girls seem to follow me around at every concert and automatically stand directly in front of me. One of these days my interperative elbow is going to find it’s way into the middle of their spines. When they ask me what the heck I’m doing I’ll just tell them I was getting into the music. I’m sure they’ll understand.

While we were filtering out after the concert I had a funny thought of what it would be like if there was a fire in a concert hall like that. It took us quite a few minutes to get out into the cool night air, imagine if there were burning bodies involved?! So many people would die. I’m reading an interesting book right now that briefly touched upon emergency exits in airplane crashes. The book points out that it doesn’t really matter where you sit on the plane for maximum survivability in the event of a crash, it really matters whether you’re male or female. The highest percentage of people that survive are male because when the plane is on fire, no one is orderly. It’s every ‘man’ for himself and since men are indeed the strongest and biggest they are the ones that trample the younger and weaker. Kinda sad really….but don’t let that thought ruin this post or your day. Just remember the concert was great! Listen to Joss Stone!


  1. Phil said,

    May 21, 2007 @ 10:45 pm

    I used to think the blues traveller guy was a small mexican dude…couldn’t be farther from the truth!

  2. mego said,

    May 23, 2007 @ 6:39 am

    that was a random rabbit trail you took at the end. but hey, i like joss too… can i borrow a cd?

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