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I am writing this from my brand spankin’ new computer! It’s a blazing specimen of a machine…..at least for this week. Next week it’ll be “so 5 minutes ago”. Nevertheless, I am happy and joyful and most of all happy. To build the computer Phil and I
headed over to Dave’s house. My thought was that we’ve all done it so many times, we’d be able to get it done 3x as fast as just
one of us doing it alone, plus Dave has a ping pong table so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to take advantage of that
(the ping pong table, not Dave). In reality what happened was a case of too many cooks in the kitchen, or in this instance too
many geeks in the living room. We had the parts together in record time but once we flipped the switch nothing came on the screen. All the fans whirred but that was about it except for the burny smell. This concerned me b/c computers aren’t supposed to burn they leave that up to the steaks. We turned the computer off and after intense sniffing and looking we realized that the left side of the momboard was making contact with the case. This is a bad thing. After installing the little posts underneath
the motherboard to lift it off of the case we tried it again….still nothing. At this point there was a lot of finger pointing
and name calling which I find is unecessary to sully this site with the details of. We were pretty sure we had cooked the motherboard so we packaged it back up to take back.

Which by the way reminds me, if you ever need to build a computer or need a specific computer part, go to ENU.
They’ve been around for years and have the best return policy. I brought the motherboard back told them it didn’t work and without batting an eye or asking any questions like, “it smells like burning” they gave me a brand new one. We went home slapped in the new piece, connected everything up and we just about to hit the switch when Dave says, “ooooohhhhh. I think I know why the other mobo didn’t work.” He lifts his hand up and shows us this curious little plug. It was the power source for the CPU. Apparently, on these new fangled motherboards there is two power sources, one major one that you plug into the motherboard and one small one that plugs in directly to the CPU. Once again there was a barrage of finger pointing and name calling, but that quickly ended as we hit the power switch and the machine came on! WEeeeeee!

After that it was smooooth sailing. Windows installed lightening fast, I discovered there is a built in firewall on my motherboard,
we played a ton of ping pong and afterwards we all went out for steak, b/c we knew if we made it at home, we’d just end up burning it.

A picture for your enjoyment. He’s not even posing, this is how he looks everyday.


  1. Phil said,

    March 12, 2006 @ 11:42 pm

    Holy Smokes! Why do I always look so terrible in pictures. I think its the flash. Makes me all squinty eyed and drunk looking. I’ll send you a better picture to photoshop in there.

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