Maui Weekend

I just spent my first weekend in Maui and as you guessed, it was nothing short of wonderful. The fun, heartily started on Friday as we all went to a local joint for some happy hour with a bunch of Jake’s co-workers. We had beers and salty nachos (saltos) and plenty of laughs. Afterwards we hit up quiznos for Kara and after that, I don’t remember much….so it must’ve been a good night.

Saturday we drove all over West Maui. My gentle hosts took me to see the petroglyphs which look to be some old time graffiti mixed in with some new graffiti.

It was neat and a little freaky because recently there was a fire and so everything looked barren and smoky.

After the petroglyphs we went and saw the dragon’s teeth. They’re not real teeth, just a cool rock formation. Near the teeth was a cool rock circle thingy on the ground. There were no signs explaining what it was, but none of us dared go in the middle, it just felt like we shouldn’t.



Our next stop was this cool blow hole. The waves come crashing underneath the rocks and shoot up through this hole, spraying water over anyone that dares to stand underneath. That was us. We stood underneath and got soaking wet, it was great! I don’t have any pictures b/c there was water everywhere, so use your imagination.

Next we went way up in the hills and saw some super secluded parts of the island. It was a bit scary and fun because the roads were super tiny with no guardrails and cliff edges. The thing is, these aren’t one-way roads so when you meet up with another car you have to try and make room. Pretty awesome ;) see below:

Before we went up the windy hillside there was promise of insanely good banana bread, I was excited because I am a huge fan of bananas cooked in bread. You can only imagine my disappointment when we reach the banana bread stand and found a hanging sign that read ‘on vacation’. I don’t know what kind of vacation you take from paradise, but sometimes I guess you need it.

We finally got off of the crazy hillside and went to weilai (I think that’s the spelling) beach. It was super nice and beautiful just as most beaches here are. We did some wave jumping and wading, Kara did some boogie boarding and we all did some reading.

We came home and got cleaned up and tried to decide what to do for supper. We were going to go some place inexpensive and close since we were a starved bunch, but Jake had the great idea of going to a pizza place called
‘flatbread’. As it turns out, it was his best idea all weekend. Flatbread is a hippie, organic pizza and salad place. The pizzas are way different and have super thing, crusty crusts. I loved it. We ordered three personal sized pizzas, which are 12″ in diameter and ate to our fill. So , SO good. If they came to Portland, they would thrive with customers. Big time.

Sunday was our most mellow day. We slept in and tried to figure out what to do. Someone suggested a movie and within minutes we were at the theater to watch Ratatoulle. And just like everyone else has said, it was great. It was more of a story rather than being geared towards the kiddies. I really enjoyed it, and it made me hungry for delicious French food. YUM!

After the movie we got ready and geared up to go to the beach. Once again it was super nice, although it was a bit hot for me and the sun was really getting to me. I had sunscreen on, but my arms were already a bit burned and the sun started to feel really oppressive. We all went in for a dip and to jump some waves. Things were going great until out of nowhere a huge wave came and pummeled me down. I was fine and for normal people this wouldn’t be a big deal. I was freaked though b/c my head went underwater and as many of you do or do not know, I generally try to keep my ears dry. As a kid I had so many issues and infections they always told me “keep the water out”. My (good) left ear was all plugged up and I had water stuck in there. I was freaked about it since I could barely hear. This lasted for a couple of hours until we were getting ready to go find some food for dinner. I was so frustrated that I couldn’t hear I started head banging my head all crazy like a metal rocker and Jake started laughing at my like I was freak, and admittedly I’m sure I looked like one but it worked! The remaining water splooshed out and suddenly I was BACK.

We brought food back and ate in front of the tv. The night was mellow as the rest, full of beers and cookies. Kara was falling asleep while we were watching the ‘heaviest man alive’ on TLC and I thought she was headed for bed around 10:30, but once I found the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air marathon on TV she perked right up. We all had fun singing the theme song and watching episodes until midnight.

A great weekend.

One more pic of the jeep symbol in Jake’s forehead, I thought it was cool.


  1. EsoPhil said,

    July 23, 2007 @ 6:07 pm

    Sounds like EsoFun. It’s weird: I hear mostly about the drawbacks to living in Hawaii from those who have lived there, rather than the benefits. I think the expensive part would be a hindrance to me, as I’m far from wealthy. I’m sure it would be nice to visit though.

  2. Anthony said,

    July 24, 2007 @ 6:17 am

    simply spectacular.
    I just dont’ know if it could ever get any better
    than that..
    But seriously…
    Did you say salty nachos???
    How on earth are nachos not salty?

  3. Jake said,

    July 24, 2007 @ 11:57 am

    Here are some pics of the blowhole from a previous visit:

    pic 1
    pic 2

  4. momma said,

    July 24, 2007 @ 1:47 pm

    Way Cool!! Glad you got your head banged out okay though!! Great vacation!!

  5. mego said,

    July 25, 2007 @ 10:33 am

    are you tired of paradise yet? can we trade places?

  6. Anthony said,

    July 26, 2007 @ 3:39 am

    Ok, now that is even cooler than
    using just control plus and minus..
    How cool are you?
    I knew there was a reason
    that I had you as my best man at my wedding, and now I know why…

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