Gunshots ring out like a bell…

Last week I pulled into my driveway and turned off my car. I got out, made my way towards the back and as I unlocked the trunk a huge boom shattered the silence of my afternoon delight. The boom wasn’t alone it was accompanied by a searing sound that sliced the air above my head. The sound continued down the street, ricocheting off of the houses and cars. “That was weird” I muttered as I pulled out my briefcase from the trunk. My fingers were wrapping around the handle of my laptop when the boom happened again, just as loud, just as violent. Again something shot over my head and I seriously began to wonder if I was being shot at or the government was testing bombs in my backyard! Just then I caught a movement on the corner of my eye and noticed something fall from the sky. In the middle of the street was a small black object spinning and slowly wobbling until it came to a rest. By this time half the neighborhood was outside looking up, down and all around. The neighbor a few doors down stepped into the middle of the street and inquired, “What the hell was that?”. “I dunno, I thought it was you!”. I noticed he had been working with power tools when I first pulled up so I thought maybe he did something. We made our way to the black object and upon further investigation realized it was some sort of cap. It looked like the top of a spray paint can, but much bigger. All the men of the neighborhood were standing in the middle of the road, talking and speculating as to what happened. Unbeknownst to me the electricity went out at precisely the same time of the booms. With our superior brains we deduced that the boom was caused by something electrical and the black caps (hmmm…black caps, I love black cap jelly) that were in the middle of the street were from the power lines up above.

Sure enough I went inside and we had zero power. Cindy called the power company and they said they knew about the problem, 300 people were without power and they’d have it fixed by 5:45. I almost didn’t know what to do with myself since there was no internet or electricity. I managed my time by doing loads of reading, tons of guitar playing and working out, it was actually very nice. 5:45 turned into 7:15 and the lights came on just before I had to start lighting candles. As it turned out a car hit a pole a few streets over which caused a transformer or two to blow up and it must’ve sent a shockwave through the line causing the ’searing sound’ I heard over head. Pretty crazy stuff. They fixed the electricity but our street lights are still out.

Bonus points to the person that knows what song the title of the post is from. NO GOOGLING!

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  1. mego said,

    October 23, 2007 @ 2:45 pm

    ’star spangled banner’?… scary, like ‘INDEPENDENCE DAY”…..what did we all do before electricity?… probably a lot smarter

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