The glories of H3 on 360

Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t been blogging as much lately. That’s because I haven’t been. It’s not for lack of desire or funny happenings in my life, on the contrary I have had many happenings and great stories of hilarity to share, it’s just that my time has been focused on other things…….namely a little game of wonder called Halo 3. Now before you groan and say, “great he’s going to talk about video games” I assure you that’s exactly what I’m going to do and you’re going to like it!

In short, Halo 3 is awesome. It is so well put together and well thought out it is a blast to play. The single player is great, but that is not where the game shines, it’s all about the online multi-player. So much so, I haven’t even finished the single player campaign, instead I spend most of my time online beating down all the little boys and girls with (very little) help from my comrades Dave and Phil. Actually D&P help out most of the time. When I decide I need an extra 4 kills I’ll invite Dave into the game, he’s always good for at least 4. When I decide I want someone who can kill the enemy with fervor, but still has more deaths than kills, I’ll invite Phil, that guy sure likes to die. All in all the three of us do pretty darn good. Halo has a great matchmaking system that usually does a fine job of putting us up against other players with nearly the same skill level. Once in awhile we will get totally creamed or we’ll waste a bunch of poor blokes, but usually the matches are nearly even, making for heart racing nail biting games.

Really the best thing about H3 is the balance the game incorporates. If you have a huge heavy weapon that does lots of damage, you move slower and can’t turn as good. Lighter weapons can be dual wielded giving you more fire power to your tiny bullets. I love the sense of teamwork that comes from playing together. It seems like the whole H3 community is more focused on teamwork. Maybe it’s the level design, or the new weapons or people are finally cluing into the idea that working together is where it’s at. Whatever the reason I enjoy the camaraderie with my buds and other people that join our team.

Just like Halo 2, H3 has an insane number of stats that are tracked not only within the game but online at Stats may not seem like a big deal but if you haven’t already figured it out, I’m a big nerd and I seriously enjoy looking back at my previous games to see how good I did. The stats seem to give me something extra to reach for. Sounds silly but it all wraps up in a nice little package.

I was about to end this blog and review of H3, but that would be a crime if I did not mention the newest and greatest feature of Halo 3. Everything you do whether in campaign mode or multiplayer is recorded. Not only is it recorded, but you can go back and review the whole game from any player’s perspective or even detach the camera and float around taking the action in from all different angles. This is huge and for the uninitiated I will explain. I can’t tell you how many times Dave has called me up and says “DUUUDE! You should’ve seen my game last night, I was on fire, I threw a grenade and it bounced off of the jeep’s windshield, flew over my head, hit a tree and killed three guys!”. My usual response in the past has been “Sure Dave.” But now Dave can put the video where his mouth is, although I know this won’t stop him from telling me all about the video before he shows it to me. That’s just a Davism. Everything is streamlined, you can make a clip out of the cool things you did during a match. Some matches last 10 minutes long and that’s boring to sit through when the only cool thing you did lasted 4 seconds. With a click of a button you can send the video to a friend for him to check out. Super sweet stuff and definitely a nice attribute of next-gen gaming. More and more games are incorporating picture modes or theater modes. Great stuff.

So if you haven’t already, go ahead and pick up a copy of Halo 3, it is loads of fun. You’ll need an Xbox 360 to play it on, so if you haven’t already, go ahead and pick one of those up as well. Here is a clip of insanity from the game.

well I did have a video clip but the embedding of it is screwing everything up, so here is a link to it:


  1. David said,

    October 25, 2007 @ 12:08 pm

    That stick was crazy… and so cool that the video actually follows the plasma grenade through it’s unlikely path. Yeah, that’s a pretty cool feature. Fun stuff.

  2. Phil said,

    October 26, 2007 @ 8:19 pm

    That’s how I die, crap comes out of nowhere.

    With my crazy running in, I run up the scores, so if you’re doing well, we end the game quicker!

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