All in a Fool’s Day

Today is April 1st and the fool’s day jokes are in full swing upon the internet. I notice as I get older I constantly forget about April Fool’s Day. This makes me sad because I like to play tricks on unsuspecting people. As a kid it was a day I looked forward to because there was always some person that would forget what day it was and they would look like a fool when I would convince them there was a pink elephant in their yard or that I got an ‘A’ on a test. The problem with adulthood is that your tomfoolery has to become more and more complicated because no one is going to believe you when you tell them there is a pink elephant in their yard….unless. Unless next year I really DO get a pink elephant and have it sit in different friend’s yards! Now who is the fool for NOT believing me when I call them and say “Holy Crap! There is a pink elephant in your yard!”?! That’s right, YOU are.

I didn’t really play any April Fool’s jokes this year. Unintentionally I did. There is a recent opening in our office for a professional receptionist. My colleague Michelle spotted the ad on Craigslist last night and we both decided to send in our faux applications. We had fun and the office manager thought mine was real until he got to the part about my degree in snake wrangling.

It’s good to see that not everyone grows up and still desperately tries to convince others of pink elephants on the lawn. almost got me with their new ‘Custom Time’ Feature that says “Ever wish you could go back in time and send that crucial email that could have changed everything — if only it hadn’t slipped your mind? Gmail can now help you with those missed deadlines, missed birthdays and missed opportunities. ” At first I was thinking ‘Oh that’s coo—wait a minute, email time travel hasn’t been invented yet!’. Also if you head over to right now and click on any of the featured videos you’ll have a nice little laugh fo’ sho’. And finally if you feel like watching people do stupid pranks on each other visit for a laugh.

I hope the day was well for all of you and you were nobody’s fool. :)


  1. Phil said,

    April 2, 2008 @ 10:17 am

    I thought about poisoning the water cooler here at work…but decided against it for legal reasons.

  2. mego said,

    April 3, 2008 @ 6:37 am

    i know, the day was not even a blip on my radar… that’s really funny about your appl..and gmail’s ad… at least there are some funnies out there.

  3. Phil said,

    April 3, 2008 @ 11:41 am

    Oh, and your comment font sucks.

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