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Pulling out my mini digital recording studio the other day I came across a gem (to me). I was in the mood to lay down some tasty grooves on this particular day but before I started I noticed that the memory of the recording unit was half full. I flipped through the tracks and most of them were funky rhythms and different sound checks, nothing spectacular. Then I clicked on song number three and was surprised to hear a complete finger style version of “Love Me Tender” that I had recorded. In addition there was also a mediocre freestyle solo that I recorded over top of the classic Elvis tune. I listened in amazement, not at my skillz but that I had no recollection of ever doing this! It is obviously my style of playing, but it was such a nice surprise. I came to the conclusion I must’ve been recording and practicing the song for Dave’s wedding which was over a year and a half ago. I was commissioned to play Love Me Tender during his communion and I needed to see how many times I would need to play it through in order to last through the bread breaking and wine drinking. Anyways it was a nice time capsule to dig up and to hear where I need improvement. If you want to hear the song listen to this. You should probably only listen to the first 45 seconds because after that I get a little off track and try to throw in a blues riff and some wrong notes that don’t really add to the sweet serene sounds. Regardless, it was a fun find.

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  1. mego said,

    June 19, 2008 @ 7:03 am

    i remember you practicing for that. that’s so cool to find that again, and listen to your nimble fingers.

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