Oh Crap!

Now I have to go to the freakin’ dentist. After 7 years of avoidance it seems fate has taken a cruel turn and is forcing my hand to dial the numbers on the phone in the correct order that will cause my dentist’s phone to ring. My real teeth seem fine, but tonight for no particular reason my fake molar decided to fall out. At first I thought it was a piece of food from a previous meal that I often store in the upper reaches of my cheek area, but when I bit down it was hard and not very tasty so I spit it out. That’s when I saw this.

I didn’t remember eating that, so I began poking around with my tongue and realized that I had an awesome gaping hole in my mouth! Like a 7-year old with a scab on his knee, I couldn’t leave the dang thing alone. I have had a fake tooth ever since my adult teeth came in because once my baby molar fell out they realized I didn’t have an adult molar to back it up, so they put a bridge in my mouth. Now I guess I’ll have to have them do it again….or will I? After a few minutes of poking my tongue through it I got curious as to what else I could put in my molar’s place. While the picture list below is not complete, it does show you how awesome it is to have a big nasty molar sized gap between your teeth. Super happy fun times!

Also, I don’t know why I’m not wearing a shirt. It just happens.

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  1. mego said,

    August 19, 2008 @ 8:39 am

    Brother, brother, brother…. you are sooooo funny!!! LOL!!! i forgot you had a fake tooth… no wonder that tooth was so shiny- the others definitely need a cleaning.
    what’s up with the nakedness? are you trying to be cool like your bro-in-law?? ;)

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