Master of his instrument

It’s no secret that I am very fond of music, all types of music. What I really admire is people that have truly ‘mastered’ their instrument. I thought about it and realized I feel this way just about all instruments, even ones I don’t really care for. Just about the only one I don’t really care to hear played is the harp. I just can’t get excited about the harp. It’s too flowy and I think I speak for all people when I say ‘fairly boring’. You’ll never hear a good rock song played on a harp. I’m not being mean, I’m just stating facts. You can breathe easy that the video below is not about a harp.

Rather it is a duet of Paganini’s ‘Carnival of Venice’ performed with a classical guitar and the lead instrument being a Russian made Domra. If you don’t know what a Domra is watch the video and you’ll see it’s a small 4-stringed instrument similar in size to a mandolin.

What I love about this video is the setting and the Domra player. I get the feeling it’s in someone’s dorm room and they decided on an impromptu jam session. Relaxed and informal, but the music is brilliant. The Domra player is amazing and quirky with incredible skill and dynamics to his playing. I love it, it appears as if he’s not even trying which in my mind makes him all the more a master.



  1. mego said,

    September 16, 2008 @ 2:14 pm

    i love the facial expressions on that guy (you could learn!).. and don’t dis the harpist. I once heard a 4th grader play the harp at our school. It was huge compared to her, and it was amazingly beautiful.

  2. Anthony B. said,

    September 16, 2008 @ 11:40 pm

    Extremely Coooool..
    I loved it more though watching it over at your house..
    Over here, I am just not feeling the same WOW factor..
    hehe ;)
    ABC OUT!

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